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Rose sixth in latest All-Star returns

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Bulls point guard Derrick Rose is a distant sixth in the latest results of voting to determine the starters at guard for the Eastern Conference in next month's NBA All-Star Game in Dallas.

Rose had 385,829 votes, more than 500,000 less than the second-place finisher.

Miami's Dwyane Wade is the leading vote getter with more than 1.7 million votes, followed by Allen Iverson (930,713), Vince Carter (745,581), Ray Allen (510,885) and Gilbert Arenas (445,473).

If Iverson is voted a starter, that would be a disgrace -- and more evidence that the league needs some veto power over fan voting.

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Those early results are reason enough to take away fan voting!

AMEN Murph!!!

Edgar if you read this most of the old FCP gang is assembled on Face Book. follow the link and sign up, Gig and keith and culzie are wonderin where you sre lol.

Hey Tim, hey fellas (whoever reads this)... unfortunately, I don't do Facebook. I suppose I can create an account of my own and join in with you guys exclusively for basketball/sports conversations, but I'll see. Sorry I haven't been on the blogs recently. I've been tied up in the middle of trying to purchase a home and it's been rather "stressful" to say the least. Anyway, I'll try to keep chiming in once in a while on the Bulls discussions, but I'll just stay away from Facebook for now. Thanks though.

Wish ya luck with the house Edgar. Creating an account to strictly join in on the sports discussions is cool Edgar if you decide to. We do miss your input. If you do decide to create an account just for the ports discussions once you log on do a search for...the lost tribe of Full Court Press...that's our little forum which includes Roman, Stu and Ricky along with most of the regulars.

Edgar, you would love it. Just create an edgar acct. its easy breezy. The gang would go wild. WRD and Keith need someone else in there, I cant keep up!!!! Tim and I try tho!!

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