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ESPN shoots down own rumor

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You've got to love how ESPN makes news by throwing out rumors and then shooting them down.

A classic example is Tuesday's report that the Houston Rockets, in trying to deal exiled swingman Tracy McGrady, has targeted the Bulls as a possible trading partner and that the Bulls have interest in McGrady.

"A package of [Joakim] Noah, Brad Miller and Jerome James (the latter two expiring contracts) would work financially," the report reads, "but sources say the Bulls have no desire to part with Noah."

Of course, the Bulls have no desire in including Noah (a young center having a breakthrough season) in a deal for McGrady (an aging star coming off major knee surgery). You don't need "sources" to tell you that.

This rumor wasn't worth reporting because there's zero chance it will happen.

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1 Comment

Is that it? They didnt "shoot down their own rumor" Reading this pathetic excuse for an arguement was a huge waste of time.

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