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Caron Butler to Bulls?

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Rumors were circulating Sunday that the Washington Wizards, in an attempt to shake things up, are shopping swingman Caron Butler, with the Bulls and the Miami Heat being the likely trading partners.

From the Bulls, the Wizards reportedly would seek guard Kirk Hinrich to provide some stability. The rumors also had the expiring contracts of Jerome James and Mike James being included, although the contracts of Butler ($9.78 million) and Hinrich ($9.5 million) are close enough to do the deal straight up.

Is this a deal that makes sense for the Bulls? Probably. Although Hinrich can play both guard positions and Butler is more of a small forward, Butler can play shooting guard and split minutes with John Salmons. Jannero Pargo and Mike James could play point guard for the few minutes that Derrick Rose is out of the game.

Butler is a better scorer and the Bulls are in need of offensive production. He's averaging 17.2 points (to Hinrich's 8.6), but is only shooting 30 percent from three-point range (to 36.1 percent for Hinrich).

Another factor is Butler has just one year remaining on his contract following this season, while Hinrich has two years left. That could an important factor moving forward as the Bulls try to re-sign Rose and center Joakim Noah.

Stay tuned. This rumor could happen, although nothing is close right now.

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lets do it kirk is a bum player anyway

Butler would be a great addition to the Bulls. We are definitely in need of another scorer and Butler has excelled in that role throughout his career. Looks like the whole Wizards team may be available due to Gungate. Anyone else see anyone on their roster we could use?

I don't know how I feel about this one. Me and a buddy at work were talking this out and with all the mobile assets the Bulls have right now they should be able to get an actual 2 guard and not another 3 that "can play the 2". Butler is definitely a better scorer than Heinrich, I just hope Pax doesn't see this as a long-term solution.

Do what you got to do this year John but please, please make a big play for Joe Johnson this summer.

Gar Forman was a mistake. Scottie Pippen would be a choice of mine. Just because you're fortunate doesn't mean your entitled to everything. Don't know talent if it were under his nose.

Too easy. Of course I'd do that deal in a heartbeat with the similar salaries and the expiring salaries of the two James, but because it's too good to be true, it won't happen with this team. GarPaxDorf loves nothing better than to surprise on trades and gloat over outguessing the fans and media. They're still patting themselves on the back for pulling off the Salmons/Miller trade at the deadline last year.

Did anybody hear who Miami would trade for to get Butler?

Edgar, I totally agree. Butler is not only a 3 that can play the 2 but he can also bring the ball up like a point forward ala Pippen.
BTW are you posting anywhere else? I've posted a few comments down here in the Charlotte Observer and I'm sure that I'm soon to be regarded as Hitman was in FCP LOL. Obviously there is not as much participation here as there was in FCP and I'm missing that exchange of opinions.

Edgar...have you seen Hitman? Hey..I saw the Bulls pounce on the Timberpups the other night...they looked good. Oh..hey Edgar..are you on FB? Can you set up an account if not? The FCP gang is forming a group over there...come check it out...and bring Hitman with you..

Butler can't play the 2 fulltime. He's a 3. You see how Salmons has struggled at the 2 but has played well at the 3. Butler is the same way. Butler is too slow to guard or score as a 2. Also if this was Butler circa 2006, I'd be all over this. But Butler has really declined a lot, he's not the All-star that he was. And he can't shoot 3s either. That's our main weakness. I'm all for getting rid of Kirk's contract but I want more expiring rather than another mismatched player for our roster. That Hinrich for Blake/Outlaw made soooo much sense earlier this year but we asked for too much.

Bulls Look good.

Winning on the road is tough!!

man if we get him we would have a big back court butler 6-7 deng 6-9 rose 6-3

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