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Tough week ahead

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The good news: The Bulls are home all week.

The bad news: They still have a difficult week ahead, starting with Tuesday's game with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The last thing a struggling team like the Bulls needs is a visit from the NBA's best. A loss to the Lakers back on Nov. 19 in Los Angeles began the stretch of 10 losses in 12 games. In that game, the Bulls were overwhelmed by the size and athleticism of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

"It gives everybody problems; that's why they're one of the better teams in the league," Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro said of the Lakers' size. "They're not only big, they're skilled, and that makes it even harder."

The New York Knicks are in town Thursday, and that usually is a soft spot in the schedule. But the Knicks have played well of late and will come in confident. The Atlanta Hawks, who routed the Bulls last week, close out the week on Saturday.

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Well JJ with the Lakers coming into town tonight you chose to fantasize in your column today about the trade that never was. Personally Kobe to me is like Brett Favre, someone I love to hate. As a ball player yes he's among the best but as an individual human being he lacks character. Not only did he buy his way out of a rape charge but he also tried to impune Shaq's character along the way. So excuse me if I don't join you in your escape from reality.
Getting back to the subject reality the rest of the month doesn't look to promising with the exception of Sacramento unless Tyrus Thomas returns to the line-up AND Vinny actually plays him properly.Ofcourse if Vinny joins the ranks of the unemployed soon , it's possible Tyrus might see better utilization.

Gee, thanks for the scouting report on the Lakers, Vinny. Here's a positive that could still come out of this week even if the Bulls lose all 3 games... the fans get to watch possible Bulls free agent acquisitions of David Lee and/or Joe Johnson in 2010 if Wade or LeBron don't work out! Isn't that excitement enough to continue selling out the United Center? Inquiring minds want to know next year, but will GarPaxDorf send out Benny the Bull and the high school marching band to O'Hare Airport to welcome the free agent stars again?

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