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Toronto coach takes shot at Bulls players

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For an odd play that had zero impact on the game, Toronto's Jarrett Jack stopping to tie his show while holding the ball during the third quarter of the Raptors' 110-78 victory at the United Center Saturday night is being talked about an awful lot.

That much was assured with Raptors coach Jay Triano took a shot at the Bulls players when he said this to the Toronto media on Monday:

"If it was one of our guys guarding their guy and the guy tied his shoe, I would expect our guy to go over and knock him on his [butt]."

As you might suspect, that quote didn't sit well with Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro.

"Someone was telling me about that," Del Negro said Tuesday. "I don't talk about other teams' coaches or players. I don't think that's right. I have enough concerns in [his locker room]. I think everyone should just stick their comments to their team."

Del Negro also was asked about the play on Monday and explained it this way:

"After watching the film, Luol [Deng] and Jannero Pargo were trying to make an exchange there so they could match up. Luol had his head turned.

"That's not acceptable, but that also was a unique situation where we where in a mismatch situation and [Deng] really didn't see it. Otherwise, we would have been on the ball."

Of the list of things that went wrong for the Bulls in the game, that play was way down on the list.

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