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Hinrich to play tonight vs. Hawks

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Kirk Hinrich just finished testing his sprained left thumb on the Philips Arena court and declared himself good to go for tonight's game with the Atlanta Hawks.

"I can handle the ball and catch it," he said. "Shooting's fine, that was never a problem."

Hinrich, who has missed the last six games, hit the court about two hours before tip-off. He went through some drills testing his ability to handle the ball with both hands and he caught passes from assistant Randy Brown with his left hand.

The only issue now is how the injury will react if it gets bumped hard during the game.

"I'm not worrying about contact," Hinrich said. "I'm not going to be thinking about not getting my thumb hit."

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Are you kidding me Kirk, Shooting was never the problem?? You suck shooting!! If you where not Jerrys Boy, you would have been traded a long time ago. But no we are stuck with you sorry butt instead of Ben Gordon and we will have to settle for scoring 85-90 points a game. For all you (Kirk Hinrich lovers and Ben Gordon haters) get over it the Hinrich sucks big time. All you Hinrich lovers like to say Ben Gordons Defense suck but you want to know something atleast he could out score his guy, you really think Captain Klank Hinrich could outscore his guy. It would have been better if Hinrich Broke his thumb and was out all year!!

yeah, okay buddy you have no idea what your talking about.

It's timne to get rid of Vinny and give the helm to Bickerstaff while there is time to salvage the season. 7 blowouts in the last 9 losses and Vinny is sounding much like Lovie who also needs to go. Vinny has no idea how to develope his young players and apparently can't get the team motivated. His clock management at the end of games has sucked from the beginning along with his substitution patterns.

first comment you are a retard Hinrich is superior to Ben. He needs more minutes.

"I can handle the ball and catch it," he said. "Shooting's fine, that was never a problem."

Says Kirk Heinbrick

BEFORE he shot 0-for Atlanta. BWAAAAAAAH!

And we pay this mope $10 mil. while we let Gordon walk.

Heinrich is a complimentary player- nothing more nothing less.

The brain trust of the Bulls have no idea how to build a team.

Maybe they'll get better Like the Blackhawks when the principal owner(Reinsdorf) goes on to glory.

just a thought...

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