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Forman addresses Del Negro situation

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General manager Gar Forman tried to lessen some of the media frenzy about the job status of coach Vinny Del Negro sparked by an inaccurate report that circulated Monday by addressing the media before the Bulls game against the Indiana Pacers Tuesday night.

"Vinny is our coach," Forman said. "Our goal is to get better each and every day. We as a management team are exploring all options to get better. We expect our coaches to work each and every day to get this team better."

When asked if he would commit to Del Negro finishing the season, Forman said:

"I feel we shouldn't talk about evaluations with any personnel that we do internally. We are all being evaluated at all times. That goes from me to our management staff to our coaching staff to our players, and those are things that we keep internally."

Forman then was asked if management was behind Del Negro.

"Our organization is behind what we're doing," Forman said. "We're still optimistic of where we're going. Like I said, I don't think anybody is happy where we're at today and our goal is to get better each day."

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Forman sounds like Jerry/Lovie "Vinnie is our coach" it's good this goof takes responsibility for this inept and pathetic coach.

Press conferences like these really show how amateurish Gar Forman is to the GM job and how much the Bulls lack overall leadership in the organization... and I'm not talking just player leadership. Gar can't even answer questions directly. Just another spin job by the masters in the Bulls organization. They either can't make up their minds about Vinny or they simply can't find a long-term solution to the head coaching position without spending too much money. You know it's the latter, yet this is what they do best, deflect questions and spin their wheels. There's no one else like it in this town, not even the Bears.

Deputydawg, that was my thought exactly as gar said that. It was a bit of deja vu i thought I heard "Rex is our quarterback" LOL. Edgar you and I have discussed the Bulls management(or lack there of) many times in FCP so I won't elaborate any more than you already have. I will however say that when it looked as if the team was going to self destruct yet again against the Pacers tuesday night I would have here screaming for Vinny's head again. My only hope at this point is that Vinny is beginning to really see what Tyrus brings to the team and doesn't leave him on the bench at crunch time like he has in the past. Prior to the start of the season I had planned to go to the games when the Bulls come to Charlotte because those games will be blacked out here due to Charlotte's failure to sell out but I'll wait until the Bulls have a better product on the floor. I'd like to see Rose and Tyrus play in person but I can wait.

I actually feel sorry for Vinny. The front office is so incompetent. If they want to fire him, then just fire him. Until then, you have to still back the coach otherwise the players may just tune him out as a lame duck. I used to think VDN was the worst but now I think he's just not good. Not much of a difference but at least the players seem to play hard for him. He still needs to go

Swagger, you're here! Cool. Now if we can somehow find Keith to join back in on Bulls conversations... I agree, Tim. What a difference Tyrus makes as we've been saying for months and years now. Too bad he's back to Vinny's doghouse tactics again in the Orlando game. It's bad enough he won't let him regain his starting role because you know that'll become an issue again down the road. Swagger -- I have to ask this though... are you sure the players are playing hard for Vinny or more for themselves right now?

I miss you all so much! FCP was cold blooded so I have been posting in the trib. But I still have William, Bubbas Mom, Ricky (occasionally) and Culzie on Facebook. Any of you interested in emailing I can be reached at

This team is better than last year's but playing worse. That's mostly Vinny's fault. All that film and he cannot see that you have to let Rose do his thing before time expires. And Rose is dense enough to help him. I wouldn't help them win NOTHING after they let Gordon walk. Rose has Kirk for a 2 guard can you believe that??? I alway picture Rose and Kirk on the break and then Rose throws Kirk an alley-oop that sails into the stands. Then Kirk pats his chest (signifying that was his fault) as if he is going to get the next one.

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