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Deng playing with fractured thumb on left hand

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The Bulls revealed before Monday night's game with the Sacramento Kings that forward Luol Deng has been playing with a fractured thumb on his left hand for about a week.

"He hurt it in practice I think right before the Lakers game [on Dec. 15]," Del Negro said. "It's been bothering him a little bit, but he's been able to fight through it. It's something that will heal on its on, it's his left hand, so we just have to be cautious with it."

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Obviously since Deng has in the past been labeled as soft and was trashed last season about his stress fracture he's not about to sit out while he's playing like he has been.
Now about last night's abomination. After blowing a 35 point lead Vinny said everyone was to blame, the players and the coaching staff. I blame Vinny a bit more than the players. Sure the players obviously lost focus and got sloppy with the ball and lax on defense but when that lead started to shrink what did Vinny do? he kept Kirk guarding the bigger and faster Tyreke Evans while Taj Gidson and JJ sat on the bench, he never went deeper than a 7 man rotation. Oh wait Pargo played a whole 6 seconds, wtf? Just a few minutes of fresh legs on the floor might have made a world of difference. Vinny claims he was doing things to try and find a solution but he never tried putting some fresh legs on the floor for a few minutes and give maybe Deng a break. With the exception of Miller the starters averaged 40 minutes on the floor, Kirk logged 32 off the bench and Taj 22. How is Vinny going to handle tonight's second half a back to back in NY now that his starters logged so many minutes last night and they have done poorly so far in the second of back to back games?

Scenario: Joe Schmoe is coaching the neighborhood 5th & 6th graders in a tournament, of at least 5 games, over the next 7 days. Fourth game into the tourney, after having exclusively used a seven man rotation, Joe finds his kids up by 35 in the third quarter. Well Mr. Schmoe, what's the next move? "Dude, no brainer. I'm playing some bench kids to give my starters some breather!"

Don't worry Vinny, there's plenty of room left at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America for a good, up and hopefully coming, coach.

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