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Del Negro takes aim at the media

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News flash from the Berto Center: It's all the media's fault.

At least, that's my interpretation of comments following Thursday's practice by a defiant Vinny Del Negro, who essentially said he was an easy target and understanding what ails the Bulls is above our pay grade.

"It's easy to sit back on the sidelines and everyone has these great ideas and people think they know what they're talking about," Del Negro said. "But until you live it and do it, no one has an idea.

"All you guys have to write and do your jobs and come up with stories and things, and that's all great and you have to do that. But you guys really don't know what it's like. You know what I mean, because you never done it."

I'm confused. Was that quote Del Negro or Spiro Agnew? Well, at least he didn't refer to us as nattering nabobs of negativity.

When asked if he's been subjected to unfair criticism, Del Negro said:

"Oh yeah, absolutely. But that's part of the deal. You can't take a position like this and not think you're gonna get criticized. That's part of the deal. If you can't live with the criticism and the heat, then you shouldn't take the job. You shouldn't be in pro sports. You have to be able to suck it up sometimes and understand it.

"I get frustrated, too, when we're not playing well and you're trying to find things that work. But you just have to keep on pounding the pavement and go to work."

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Well Vinny, maybe if you learned to accept constructive criticism a little better and listen to advice for once, then you wouldn't be in this position of taking pot shots at the media and fans. Apparently you can analyze talent, but you can't coach it or develop it, let alone call more creative offensive plays. How about some isolation sets for Rose? Clock is ticking...

Since I already called for Vinny's head I suppose I'm obligated to comment on his Alfred E. Newman/ Spiro Agnew/ Lovie Smith impersonation. I guess the only thing missing from his little speech was "I'm not a crook" and "I did not have sex with that woman". Obviously Vinny is more suited to the front office or the broadcast booth then he is to coaching. Last Tuesday I stated that if the Bulls lost to the Nets Vinny should be fired on Wednesday. If they lose tonight to Golden State and tomorrow night to Boston there better be a news conference Monday naming Bickerstaff the head coach for the balance of the year.

"I get frustrated, too, when we're not playing well and you're trying to find things that work. But you just have to keep on pounding the pavement and go to work.

I like the quote above. Maybe Vinny is not the best coach in the NBA, but how many are great coaches? Players play the game and coaches analyze players weaknesses so they can work on each. And try to put the best team on the floor to win games.

Sometimes I wonder if John Wooden, Red Auerbach and Phil Jackson combine can take these present ballplayers on certain teams to the NBA Finals on a regular basis.

I am not talking about the super-stars of the game, but the marginal player(s) who can become a much better contributor to their team(s).

I don't think so.

I just wonder at times.

They may get a few more wins but that is all.

What a crock! A whiner. And, he clearly isn't holding himself accountable for of this train-wreck. He's possibly the most over-matched coach in the NBA.

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