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Del Negro believes he has management's backing

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Following the latest report of his impending firing, coach Vinny Del Negro was asked if he still has the support of Bulls' management.

"Oh, yeah. Absolutely," he said. "I talk to them every day.

"When you ask those questions, you know, it's easy for me to say that, but go ask those guys. Go ask them. Those are questions for them to answer, but it's really just a waste of time because I know we're on the same page."

OK, so I asked.

"He's right," general manager Gar Forman said. "We do talk every day and we are on the same page."

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Gar Forman promised this summer to sign Gordon---his top priority he said. Rheinsdorf threw him under the bus saying he had no intention of signing gordon.

We got zip, nada, for of 20 or so 20 pt. a game players.
Paxson should be fired not DelNegro..You can't coach a lously team.
Gordon was a star in the Celtic series which was one of the most exciting ever...Dunk Paxson not DelNegro.

This is hard for me to say. But I think the Bulls should stay the course. I sense that the team is turning the corner. Tyrus looks like a beast. Could he have turned the corner? Last year I thought a big plus was IF Hinrich could play at the two guard it would allow Rose to attack on the offense. It didn't work last year but Kirk seems to now know what he needs to do with his role. Keep the faith Fellow bulls fans!! I want to be in the playoffs agian!! I say keep Vinny. Yes he is still inexpierenced but I like his moxy in the face of all this adversity.

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