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Thomas back at Berto

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Two days after undergoing surgery to repair the fractured radius in his left forearm, Tyrus Thomas was back at the team's practice facility on Monday.

He watched practice with his arm in a sling and left without speaking to the media.

"He's down, he's disappointed," coach Vinny Del Negro said of Thomas' mood. "He's got his arm in a sling and he goes to the specialist tomorrow. Put yourself in that situation; you're gonna be down. He worked hard all summer to get in shape.

"We'll miss him, with the athleticism he brings to the team. Hopefully, other guys can step up to fill in."

On the bright side, being injured got Thomas out of the half-hour autograph session after practice where all the players signed a host of basketball, jerseys and other items for Bulls' charities.

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How is getting out of signing autographs for charities a "bright thing"??

Too bad Vinny only mentions missing Thomas' athleticism...
The Bulls will miss more than that. But I guess they need to prepare anyway for Thomas' departure since this is predetermined to happen anyway at some point during 2010.

He may be harder to trade now, so I expect the Bulls to ride out the season with James Johnson and Taj playing big minutes at PF, maybe Joakim sliding over when Brad Miller is in.... this will screw the rotation since Joakim is better at C and his rest (and performance) will likely go down.

The bulls need to win this year (so far doing well in that department) and attract a big free agent after the season. and with Tyrus out and the rotation not friendly for his return in two months, I'm not sure if the Bulls will keep winning.

Without Thomas or any other real threat down low, this season looks like it is going to depend on whether or not Noah can continue his current level of play. If he does, they'll be fine, and I think he can. But if not, they'll be in trouble.

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