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Miller off to slow start

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Brad Miller's season statistics aren't that bad. He's averaging eight points and 4.5 rebounds in a little more than 22 minutes. The problem for the Bulls is Miller has had too many games where he's contributed virtually nothing.

After putting up good numbers in the first two games of the current road trip against the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers, Miller didn't do much in the last two games. Against the Denver Nuggets, he had two points and seven rebounds in 23 minutes. Against the Portland Trail Blazers, he had two points and one rebound in 15 minutes.

To be successful, especially on the road, the Bulls need Miller to produce off the bench.

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Brad Miller has played so well with the Chicago Bulls the past years. The stats that the writers are showing will definitely improve over time. The way he plays on the court shows that he is trying to make an effort Though he may not have played well in the last two games, he will gradually improve over time.

Brandon -- Brad will regain his shot somewhat, but he's pretty much toast overall as a player. Age catches up with all players. Superstars last longer. Brad couldn't afford to erode any more in terms of slowness and other athletic deficiencies, but he has. He is getting annihilated on defense and both boards. Those aspects will not improve. Very nice career. Package him in a midseason trade, and let him finish the tail end of his career elsewhere. There's no room for sentiment in this business. Just watch the games. With objectivity.

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