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Hinrich out 1-2 weeks

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After Kirk Hinrich's injured left thumb was examined by a trio of doctors on Monday morning, the Bulls announced that the veteran guard will miss 1-2 weeks.

Hinrich, who suffered the injury Wednesday during a practice session, was examined by team physician Brian Cole and hand specialists Dr. John Fernandez and Dr. Marc Cohen of Midwest Orthopedics at Rush University Medical Center. Their examination confirmed the earlier diagnosis of a sprained thumb.

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I usually reserve my comments for FCP, but today I'm coming, in rising anguish, to the Sun-Times basketball guru. Played ball at Gordon Tech, one year of that under Versace. Would have played at Lewis under a scholarship had I not disregarded safe sex and opted to work for my new family, but I did parlay my love of b-ball into a, now, 35th year of refereeing and coaching. I consider myself a very fine student of the game. I can take a grammar school team and have them play better, smarter ball in a matter of a games time, then switch over to the team we just played and have them look better the second time around, that's how much confidence I have in my knowledge, teaching and strategy.

Which leads me to my gripe. I may not know all the practice habits, or the days when guys aren't feeling well, but I know this game well enough to seriously question some of Vinnys' substitution patterns. It's funny, but reffing the game actually gives me an eagles view of certain situations, and I use that vision when I'm coaching. If a team has no outside shooters or loves taking it to the hoop, I pack it in. Defense should always come first. The Bulls give up points in the paint at a hummingbird wings pace and I've yet to see adjustments. Couple that with the 'small line-up' WAY TOO OFTEN and it seems Vinnys' going against the grain.

Is Johnson hurt? Does he not give a sht in practice? How are you down to nine healthy bodies and not play a young athlete of that calibur while Hunter looks like he's running without cartilage?

I'll tell you, they got smacked around pretty good against a few athletic teams out West, and have been a little short handed, but there's no excuse for adjustments and matchups to be as poorly executed as I've seen, and I can't be alone on this. The ball movement is almost non-existent after the first quarter (our assist/TO ratio is horrendous), we refuse to trade paint points when the opportunity is there. We lose a lot of energy and talent without Thomas, careless or not. We need all the help we can get from the staff and it's not there.

I'm sorry for rambling, but I watched Boozer and Walker give 150% night in and night out, head fakes included, I watched Love shuffle that shot from the back of his head, I watched Sloan and Van Lier handcuff people at will and I was blessed to watch Michael, well, be Michael, but not since Skiles first year have I seen a Bulls' team even attempt to play 'D', or a coach to grow on these kids and not regress with them.

Where's the Love?

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