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Predict how the Bulls will finish

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Now that the season opener against the San Antonio Spurs is a day away, it's time to take a stance and predict how many games the Bulls will win this season and where they will finish in the Eastern Conference.

My numbers: 45 wins, fifth in the East.

Leave a comment below with your predictions.

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47 wins, 2nd in division, and 5th in the east.

Deng is back, Miller & Salmons will be here for the entire year, Noah has bulked up & is playing great, and Rose is going to be an all-star. That has to be worth at least 6 wins better than last year.

I say 42 wins. I said 43 wins in Stu's blog board only because I didn't want to make it look like I copied his prediction.

The Bulls may have lost a poor defender in Ben Gordon, but that doesn't mean that their overall TEAM defense has improved. Vinny saying that playing better defense is their priority this season is like Lovie Smith saying that the Bears offense starts from the running game first. They are going to sorely miss the clutch shots by Gordon at the end of close games.

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