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NBA awards preview

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With the start of the regular season just hours away, I've waited as long as possible before taking a stand. Here are my picks for the major NBA awards and the playoffs this season:

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER -- LeBron James, Cavaliers. He's still getting better, and that's scary.

COACH OF THE YEAR -- Phil Jackson, Lakers. It's absurd that's he's won this award only one time previously.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR -- Tyreke Evans, Kings. Would have gone with Blake Griffin before learning he will be sidelined six weeks with a stress fracture of the patella. Maybe the Clippers are cursed.

SIXTH MAN -- Manu Ginobili, Spurs. If he's healthy, he'll have a big year.

DEFENSIVE PLAYER -- Dwight Howard, Magic. Controls the paint and is a rebounding machine.

EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS -- Celtics over Cavaliers.


NBA FINALS -- Lakers over Celtics.

Let us know what you think.

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JJ, you can paint a lot of “if” scenarios in basically all of these predictions, but here’s my list assuming all stay healthy for most of the season:

MVP – LeBron James

COY – Phil Jackson (only because he finally has a challenging task of controlling Artest)

ROY – it’s all about the playing time opportunities, so while Tyreke Evans is the sexy pick, I’m going with Jonny Flynn. Blake Griffin would have been my obvious pick also if he didn’t get injured.

6th Man – it’s rare that the same player wins this award 2 years in a row, so I’m going with Nate Robinson here. Ben Gordon could be in the race also if he shines in Detroit, but I don’t see it happening for some reason.

DPOY – now this award can be won in successive years, so Dwight Howard again it is

Eastern Conference Finals – Celtics over Cavs (not just yet, LeBron)

Western Conference Finals – Lakers over Portland

NBA Finals – Celtics over Lakers (Garnett and co.’s last hurrah)

I agree with all of John Jackson's picks except for the Eastern Conference Finals where I have the Celtics vs. the Magic. Shaq is finished and what is left of his game will not mesh well with LeBron.

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER -- Kobe will get it. And it will be because its his time.

COACH OF THE YEAR -- Phil Jackson. I agree with JJ.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR -- Blake Griffin will still win it.

SIXTH MAN -- Ben Gordon

DEFENSIVE PLAYER -- I want to say Artest, but they wont give it to him. Its going to be Howard.


WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS -- Lakers over Spurs. I agree although I want to say Lakers over Nuggets.

NBA FINALS -- Lakers over Celtics. Agree

You are right on John. But I have to go with Vic and Keith with Orlando still the 2nd best in the east. Just like Vic said, the Cavs are still missing something.

good jordan kobe LeBron Garnett Shaquille O'Neal

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