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Gibson still in starting lineup

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The only surprise in the Bulls' starting lineup for Monday night's game with the Orlando Magic at the United Center was rookie Taj Gibson continuing to start at power forward over Tyrus Thomas.

Following his big game in his return from injury on Friday -- 22 points and 13 rebounds in 25 minutes -- I expected Thomas to reclaim his starting spot, but coach Vinny Del Negro had other ideas.

"We've been going that way," Del Negro said. "We want to get some practice in. Taj has worked hard and played well. He's young and we're gonna try and give him as much experience as we can."

Could Gibson keep the starting job into the regular season? We'll see.

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Once again, the Bulls are playing with fire on Tyrus Thomas. It's bad enough he gets a bad rap from many fans as it is, but he's not being handled or developed by the coaches the right way. You CANNOT play bench games with this guy and think this will be a motivational tool to get him to play better! It's not only a waste of time, but it's just a dumb tactic for an overall inexperienced head coach and coaching staff, with the exception of Bickerstaff of course. Yes, Taj Gibson has played well in the preseason, but so has Tyrus when he's been able to play. They screwed around with Tyrus' minutes during the Celtics playoffs series last season and they're going to mess up this entire season again if this continues in the regular season. I swear, if Vinny continues these stupid head and bench games with Tyrus all season long, I will be convinced that Vinny is not the right head coach for this team long term. Establish an identity and a new core of starters to rebuild from already!

Edgar, they are going to trade Thomas that is why they drafted at his position. But at least they are going to get someone for him - I hope. This is a contract year for Thomas and they are not going to play him or PAY HIM. They are going to keep those numbers down and try to sign him cheap and when they are not successful, they will trade him. Vinny does not like him as a starter and sees Thomas as a bench player.

Well you know what, Keith... oops, I meant K-LSS ;-).. if the Bulls' ultimate plan is trade Tyrus down the road, then they're not helping themselves out by benching his a** and driving his value down. It's getting pretty obvious now that there is indeed a rift between Vinny and Tyrus, which is sad considering that it is possible that BOTH those guys are under a short leash with the organization in contract terms. Again, I swear, if Tyrus leaves the team with NOTHING in return, I will wreak havoc in all blogsphere ripping the Bulls' management team (again).

And Gibson is a fine player, but there is no reason to pump his head and create competition with him and Thomas. The competition wears another uniform. If you think Gibson is better, give him the minutes off the bench and trade Thomas, don't do all of this bush league stuff. Creating a rift without merrit is not good. Gibson hasnt been tested in the regular season and is likely going to hit the rookie wall. Its foolishiness.

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