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Del Negro ready to step up?

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Before last season, Vinny Del Negro had never coached on any level and it showed at times. He made several rookie mistakes -- particularly late in games -- and I pointed out many of them.

But Del Negro also did a lot of things right last season. I was especially impressed with the way he worked with the team's young players and got them to improve as the season went along. He did a very good job getting Derrick Rose ready to play from the start of the season and also had a positive effect on Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas.

Fans don't get a chance to see a coach work with players in practice, so I can understand why most Bulls fans had a negative opinion of Del Negro. All they saw were the games and there were too many mistakes to have any other opinion.

I know it's just the preseason, but I've noticed a change in Del Negro so far. The year of experience seems to have made a big difference. He's more confident and isn't as defensive. He's been very organized and the team got a lot accomplished in the first two weeks of camp. Barring any major injuries over the next three weeks, the Bulls should be prepared for a fast start in the regular season.

Although the ultimate test of Del Negro's improvement will come when he's involved in a tight game in the regular season, I think Bulls fans will be pleasantly surprised this season. I'm not saying Del Negro will be the second coming of Phil Jackson, but he knows the game, has a sound philosophy and I believe he will be a good NBA coach.

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He is better than Scott Skiles and thats for sure!!! The test of any coach in the NBA is how they deal with TALENTED players, not busters. If you have a team full of Mr. Rogerssss, you should be able to coach them. A real coach manages difficult personalities. See it sometimes takes an ego to be great. The person that connects with that talent and gets them to perform - is a good to great coach. Skiles expected everyone to get along with him, and we traded everyone away to please him before we realized that was a mistake. Now its Vinny's turn and we already are doing the SAME thing. If folks think it was hard dealing with Ben Gordon - we better not sign anyone else in the league because Ben was a professional. Tim Duncan is the only player that is able to come play in Chicago. And he would rather have someone pour acid in his eyes than ever hear that. Everyone on the free agency market has an attitude.

Coaching is more than Xs and Os. Ben's gone and now Tyson is next right??? And you can bet that Rose and his camp is planning an escape if he does not get some ballers with AN ATTITUDE or without. Free agents are saying Chicago is cheap and wants to run a boot camp. If they don't come back with someone, its going to get even uglier.

Vinny is treading water and I wish him well, but I am not like the casual fan who doesn't know he and management - took a giant step backwards from last year. It doesn't matter how well the team is going to play - they will be 20 points worse than they should be. Just like Boston is going to be 20 points better than last year for ADDING Rashied Wallace. I can count!

I sure hope you’re right about Vinny, JJ. He doesn’t have a long leash to prove himself for the job, especially since he basically only has a 3-year contract. I’m a HUGE believer that the head coach really matters in this sport and in the NBA. He made many mistakes and nothing more damaging than the myriad of blunder decisions he made during the Bulls/Celtics playoff series. Even though it was his only first season and without any prior coaching experience, I didn’t think he coached any better as the season went on. At least show that you learn from the early mistakes and then fans can be more forgiving, but he didn’t show that in the playoff series. I know it’s a different brand of basketball in the playoffs, but still, Vinny’s been through that grind before as an ex-NBA player.

Anyway, I’m willing to give him a pass for last season, but he can’t make the same or similar errors in coaching decisions this time around. And indeed, Vinny may have had a positive effect on Noah and Tyrus last year, but he QUIT on Tyrus in the playoffs last season and that’s a big no no for someone who is supposed to be one of the core players of the team. Vinny played bench games with Tyrus after his monster Game 1 performance and I thought that was a poor decision/s on his part. Yes, I’m aware of Tyrus Thomas’ seemingly low basketball IQ and such, but he needs the OPPORTUNITIES to learn from his mistakes on the floor or else he’ll never learn by experience. I saw many of other Bulls players make plenty of mental errors on the court throughout that series, Rose and veteran Salmons and Ben Gordon included, but Vinny let them play through it without the bench games. You can’t have that kind of favoritism and expect a player to show some respect to the coach in return. That’s why I question JJ’s comment about Vinny having a positive effect on Tyrus Thomas because at the end of the Celtics series, it sure looked like Tyrus and Vinny weren’t seeing eye to eye at all. And speaking of Ben Gordon, why draw up and practice end-of-game plays for a player who was never going to return to the team next season? What was the point? The Bulls “owed it to the fans” to go for a win at all costs even at the expense losing trust from the other teammates on the team? I’m not so sure that was the proper way of coaching and developing a young NBA team. And please, if anyone is going to say that Vinny didn’t know that BG would not be re-signed is just plain naïve because all the fans and the management team knew, let’s not kid ourselves. Anyway, those are just a couple of examples of some Vinny's coaching errors from last season, but there were plenty more that many other people can point out I’m sure. Otherwise, of course none of us are there to see how practices are run behind the scenes today. That is why we count on JJ here to provide the inside scoop for us! ;-) So far so good from these 2 preseason games, so we’ll have to wait and see with Vinny and the assistants on coaching progress…

It wasn't Ben's personality or any inability to get along with Del negro that was an issue. It was $11 million per year for 5 or more years for a 6 foot three (very hot and cold) shooter who couldn't play any defense. Nothing more sinister than that.

Southsider I don't believe Rose has any intentions of moving out of Chicago. Rose is set for life now and I don't believe he will leave this cash cow. As for Gordon he was the enigma he wasn't 6'3" it was more 6'0" he was just a marginal ball handler and a lousy defender who wanted #1 money for 6th man talent. Yeah he could shoot but his ego said he was a NBA 2 guard he wasn't he cost us as many games as he helped us win. This team got better when Salmons and Miller arrived. Now a healthy Deng with a unusual be good draft will be a playoff team. People are over-hyping the moves in the conference Shaq will be in LeBrons way Wallace will be in his own way (not enough balls for K.G. and Co.) Philly will fall back down to earth Atlanta is dangerous Washington is done Orlando is good but not enough and Miami is DW's meal ticket but no playoff ticket. Class of 2010 F/A's another discussion another day.

Ksp48 - 11 million per year for the team's leading scorer - who regardless of the lable did play defense - was worth every dime. I want you to look at every Roster of the teams that went to the finals for the last few years. They all have one thing in common, especially the champions: they have a guy like Ben Gordon on the team to make some big shots when they were needed the MOST. Bulls have pulled this shell game on us and got rid of the man because they didn't want to PAY HIM. Bulls needed every player they had last year to just make the playoffs and to push the Garnett-less Celtics to 7 games. He is gone and now we are going to either be the same after getting Ding and some rookies, when we should have been moving forward. Cheap crap is what it is. They should have signed the man and traded him this season, but they were not interested in the Luxury tax or rewarding the fans with an even better team this year. I think that was personal - especially to let the man go to the Pistons. But it was also foolish because no top free agent is going to sign with the Bulls. And no Chris Bosh and Amare are NOT top free agents!

Bulls should already HAVE Dwayne Wade in 2003, but they would not wheel and deal on draft night for him so we ended up with vanilla injury prone Kirk Hinrich (I just got sick thinking about it). And that is the player you joke fans want to see on the court with Wade and not Rose. But Wade is not going to leave warm Miami and GM Pat Riley for cold cheap Chicago and Gar-Pax-Jerry. How the Bulls treated Gordon showed him that he shouldn't. Wade does not NEED Rose or Kirk. He needed the SHOOTER, and said so himself. Bulls have what they want. A bag of money, a show pony in Rose, the vanilla face of the franchise and his Duke side-kick Ding, and most importantly the docile cub-like fans who will support them regardless.

Southsider - you clearly don't have a clue. Ben Gordon was as one dimentional as any player in the NBA. Sure, he could get really hot and carry a team for a quarter - but that's about it. He was a total liability on defense, and was such a poor ball handler that he couldn't play the point like 6 foot players should in the NBA. How could you possibly contend for a championship with Gordon guarding Kobe? Ben Gordon is definitely best suited for the 6th man role, where he can play in spurts, jack up shots, and keep his defensive liabilities to a minimum. But like others have said - his ego was too big for that role. You actually think the Bulls would be better off wasting their 2010 cap room on Gordon? That would make the Bulls a 7th seed in the playoffs for the next five years and THAT is what would run Rose out of town. I'm friends with some Pistons fans who HATED this signing. $11m for a role player? That's ridiculous. I'm sure the Bulls (along with myself) would have loved to see Gordon come back in the 6th man role for about $6-7M, but why would they overpay as drastically as the Pistons did? Especially with the luxury tax threshold shrinking. Gordon may be a stud on the And One tour, but he's just an average player in the NBA.

The Bulls will be a much better team this year without Gordon. They will be able to put the emphasis back on defense and actually have some length on the court now. Hinrich will be able to play the 6th man roll perfectly, being able to back up either Rose or Salmons both offensively and DEFENSIVELY, and Salmons will fill the 2 guard role very nicely in Gordon's place. Plus Gordon tended to stagnate the offense in half court sets with his dribbling (which he can't do in the open court) trying to set up his own shot. This just took away from our real star player, Rose. Watch how much better Rose will be this year now that Gordon isn't holding up the ball. The rest of the team (including Rose) are very unselfish and will share the ball very well. The whole offense will run through Rose, and it will be reminisent of Steve Nash in his MVP years. The only missing piece for a championship run is the big man to team up with Rose. If we wasted money on Gordon we'd never have cap room to sign that big man. Bulls management made the right decision to let Gordon walk. The team will continue to grow the young talent (Rose, Noah, Thomas, Johnson, Gibson) and make a run at the 5-8 seed in the playoffs this year and sign a star big in 2010 to be true contenders.

Vinny led us to the playoffs and almost past the Celtics in his first year ever with a rookie point guard and without Luol Deng. He may not be the best coach ever but what's not to like about returning to the playoffs. In fact, I would say The Bulls were overachievers last year. So why the negative opinions of this guy? I thought he did great. It seems like nobody was willing to give him a chance from the get go so he had a big hill to climb even before the first game. Fans need to grow up and stop being lazychair GM's and I would think Chicago journalists would stick up a bit for this guy, afterall, he is OUR coach.

It will be interesting to see what the Bulls will do with their offence now that they have a team that is pretty much suited to the running game. Will they play Sun's style fast paced Basketball or will they play typical NBA half court pick and roll basketball?

For me I believe they need to look into the European style of play where every players is always moving and the ball is like a hot potato that moves around the court in a blur. Our Guards (Rose, Slamons, Hinrich, Pargo) are fast, long, and good at moving the ball. Our Forward (Deng, Thomas, Gibson, Johnson) are very athletic and all able to shoot the ball out to 18 feet at a very decent clip. Our center (Noah and Miller) do understand the fact that they are there to be work horses and rebound the ball while finishing off moves that are set for them.

This team is clearly set up to play European ball and I hope Del Negro has them doing it.

Question for other on here;


First of All DANIEL - Good Post! And I forgot about Omer Asik. Because we can use all the help we can get. If I had to guess I would say it had something to with Asik personally or the Bulls wanted to wait until after 2010. I personally think he will be the back-up plan after the Bulls are spurned.

Scott - you should not have wrote one sentence of that post! The only thing you actually said correctly was that Ben Gordon could carry a team. Now you failed to mention that it was the most important quarter in BASKETBALL the 4TH!!!! Now let me show you some Chinese Boxing:

#1 - Ben Gordon was the ONLY guard in Bulls history to actually win a college championship - other than MJ.

#2 - Ben was a sixth man in College, and 6th man of the year for the BULLS. And he will be 6th man for the Pistons. Bulls knew Gordon was a 6th man but with no 2 guard on the floor and Salmons covering Kirk's buddy Ding, the Bulls had no choice but to go with Gordon. Ask yourself - why didn't they go with the guy you love - KIRK or move Rose to the 2 spot???? They went with Gordon because he was the BEST option, and his game complimented Rose's. Salmons is the only option the Bulls have at the 2 spot but he was busy.

#3 - Rose led the Bulls in turnover NOT Gordon last year. But Kirk - the Captain lost his starting position to a guy that was 19 and actually wasn't ON the floor long enough to catch up in turnovers. There are guys like me who actually think he was dogging it because he lost his spot!

#4 - Bulls won't have to worry about Kobe Bryant EVER. Kobe is going to retire about 5 years from now. And I guarantee the Bulls will not win another championship in the next 10. But since you brought it up - just who do you think can guard Kobe on the Bulls??? Put down the Jergens lotion and let Kirk's jock strapp go!!! Because noone in the game can guard Kobe except Melo, and the guy he just got to run with him - RON ARTEST.

Now Gordon couldn't guard Kobe with a dog, a brick, and a entire team of Brinks security, but I guarantee you that Gordon would have made a way to make Kobe know he was in a fight and would have given the Bulls a chance to win down the stretch. Ask Ray Allen, Paul Peirce and Rajon Rondo.

#5 - Bulls will be just the same as last year only because they ADDED Deng, the rookies, and Pargo and Salmons and Miller will be healthy for the entire year. But the average Kirk Hinrich greaser wouldn't know that. Now add Ben Gordon to the team as a 6th man and what do you have? I will tell you - a team that is ready to take a step FORWARD and build off last year's playoff run. But the Bulls have sold us a mirage about saving for Labron James and Dwayne Wade. That was some straight up hot garbage. And then to do it for nothing in return makes it personal AND stupid.

Now I don't know you or your buddies, but Joe Dumars is very smart. He made one mistake with Allen Iverson, but at least Iverson is a Hall of Famer. Billups is one of my favorite players. He is proof that one guy can make all the differnce in the world. Ben Gordon is a beast! ANYONE who thinks Hinrich is better than Gordon is sniffing glue. In fact right now Gordon is better than Deng and Hinrich. Our vaunted defense aint worth a bag of dog doo doo.

Keith Lifetime Southsider has got to be the dumbest fake Bulls fan I've ever seen post on this site. If he could get off of Gordon's jock strap for a minute (stop swinging), he would realize that the Bull's offered Gordon very comparable money on two different occasions... Gordons not worth what Detroit paid and all of Detroit is calling for the GM's head as we speak... I've never seen someone so obsessed with an average player, and so against the team they claim to be a fan of... This lame Keith guy is like the Rick Morrissey of Chicago sports fans... He was actually dumb enough to say that Wade doesn't need Rose/Kirk, he only needed BG... Let's see, Wade and BG are both two guards right??? A point guard is a two guards best friend right??? Wade campaigned extremely hard for Rose before the draft lottery was announced right??? Trust me, Wade would love to play with Rose, as would anyone else who seeks excellence from the distributor position... Keith is a lame... Keith is a joke... Keith needs to go buy his Pistons jersey know... Thank God I'm not a turn coat, fans like this loser just turn my stomack... The nerve of this guy to suggest that our salary cap would have been better wasted on Ben as opposed to an actual NBA All-Star... You know a real star, not just the guy who makes the highlight reel from time to time... Real stars average more than 20ppg per game, Gordons an above average scorer who will never be recognized as a star in this league... If he was so great, why isn't Detroit happy to have him??? Why can't he crack their starting rotation... He's playing behind another guy who isn't even a star in Hamilton... Please, BG chose to go to Detroit and over the course of his career there... Chicago will always be a better team then them... Their GM will get fired... And when the new guy comes in and wants complete players to help guide the Pistons to a playoff birth, Gordon's contract will be the first one he decides to dump... And then no defense Charlie V. will be next... Mark it down now... With the team Detroit has put together, opponents will average 110ppg on them or close to it... Keith & Detroit are made for each other, their both losers...


First to Davan – Did anyone in this blog say that the Bulls should fire Vinny Del Negro right now? No. Lazychair GM’s are those who say they can do a better job than GarPax and say everyone on the roster should be traded, but offer no insight. Some of us like myself are merely pointing out some of the poor decisions that have been made and our opinions behind our own comments. It’s no different than the newspaper writers/columnists who offer their own opinions. Besides, where in the last 11 ½ years of the post-Jordan era have the Bulls’ management team demonstrated quality “GM” work? Hmm, last I remember, the Derrick Rose draft pick was a result of lucky ping pong balls and hmm, Ben Gordon seemed promising leading the team in scoring for the last several years, but he never re-signed and the Bulls let him take a walk with nothing in return! Who cash strapped themselves AWAY from salary cap flexibility in the last few years? Who has failed to produce an all-star on the roster since the Championship years? Well, that Bulls GM (Paxson) is no longer the active GM is he? And hey, wasn’t Vinny like the THIRD choice among the Bulls list of coach hires at the time? You forgot that embarrassment of a process 2 Summers ago, Davan? Word to the wise: Just because we’re diehard fans of a favorite sports team doesn’t mean that we can’t criticize the management team or players behind the scenes! You tell us to grow up and I’ll say get real, Davan!

And then Daniel – Vinny and the Bulls are trying to integrate a defensive-minded philosophy this season. That’s not “Euro-ball”. Teams like the Toronto Raptors and New York Knicks will not win that way, but it is an entertaining brand of basketball to watch among the casual observers. That style wins regular season games and that is how this Bulls team is built right now. However, NBA Championships are not won that way. This is still a superstar-driven league that is won with solid, physical defense, clutch 3-point shooting and interior post play. The Bulls have none of those right now and until they can build around a superstar body or two to establish some kind of Championship level identity, they’ll always tread in above-average mediocrity. Now if that’s your cup of tea for work-in-progress, Daniel, then that’s your preference. Oh and by the way, I don’t exactly consider John Salmons (long maybe, but not fast), Kirk Hinrich and Jannero Pargo as “long and fast”, Luol Deng “very athletic” or Tyrus Thomas and Taj Gibson hitting the 18-foot jumper at a “decent clip”. Far from it if you ask me. James Johnson at least displays serious offensive potential, but he’s not going to be an immediate impact on the team yet with so many forward bodies to contend from.

Omer Asik – he was shipped off back to Europe for more seasoning, to recover from injuries and to because he was still under contract with his Turkey pro team. You can catch him in YouTube video highlights and catch scouting profiles on him at certain basketball sites like I’m just hoping he’s not the next Dragan Tarlac or Dalibor Bagaric Euros that the Bulls have hyped up before.

Red&Black - you sound eerily familiar to a guy I post with on another site. I've got nothing against you personally. My rift is with MANAGEMENT. But your post makes you sound like you are about 13. I thought you were going to say "nanny nanny nanny" at one point. I will humor you this once.

#1. If Gordon was not worth it, why would the Bulls make two offers?

#2. Wade doesn't have Kirk and Rose NOW and he appears to be doing fine. Wade plays BOTH positions and his drives to the cup are stronger and better than Rose's. Were he to come to the BULLS the SHOOTER would be the most important player on the floor for him and neither Kirk or Rose can shoot. After the Bulls let Gordon roll WADE was on TV saying they should not have done that. (check it out for yourself) And I know someone in Chicago that knows Wade.

#3. Rose led the team in turnovers last year.

#4. Ben averages MORE than 20ppg, but noone else on the Bulls does including Deng. Gordon has been the teams leading scorer for the last 4 years. Stars are rare, Bulls havent had one since MJ and Scottie.

#5. Gordon was a free agent for about 24hours. Joe Dumars wanted him, therefore Detroit wanted him. Many said he would not get what he was asking.

#6. Gordon is a 6th man. Nothing more, but they come in pretty handy. Isn't Kirk a 6th man now???? Wow.

#7. Our GM was on an amber alert just last year right? He's bald and had to hire another guy to take his place right? Detroit just broke up their team. Bulls was very fortunate to have MJ. Outside of that - we got didly on Detroit unless you are talking about the LIONS.

#8. I am a Lifetime Chicagoan and Southsider through thick and thin. And I actually LIVE here, unlike most Bulls fans. Unless I here from Jackson or Hanley, I WILL POST HERE WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE IT!!!! Thanks to the Bulls, our leading scorer is playing for the Pistons. We treated him like dung and thats how he got there. Quit hating and hanging out with "Guys From Detroit". I don't know how Detroit management, team and fans feel about Gordon, but I can tell you plenty about Chicago!

Keith is dumb, there I said it... I'm sure it's what everyone who reads his posts is thinking... I'm mean pure idiot to say the least... And for the record I'm from the southside of Chi, you're from BenGordonville... Get off your knees homeboy!!!
1. The Bull's made him two offers for what he was worth at the time... Since then he has shown them two more years of one-dimensional play to sway their stance on the subject... That's why the offer was pulled... Who wants a two guard that gives up as much as he scores???
2. Wade doesn't have Kirk right now or D. Rose and he can't stop complaining about Mario Chalmers, do your homework lame... Google it or something... When he comes to the Bulls he would be the shooter you idiot he needs a distributor you fool... LMFAO at how dumb you are... Of course Wade isn't going to come on TV and say "yeah they should have gotten ride of BG" players don't hate publicly... But he is smart enough to know that that opened the two guard spot up for him... Would he say it to the media, of course not you fool...
3. Rose led the Bull's in turnovers because he was a rookie who had the ball in his hand more than anyone else... But guess what you dummy, he led the team in assists two... You know that stat that 2guards like in a PG... The one that means they will pass the ball to them??? They don't make idiots like you anymore, you're a rare breed...
5. Since when does a GM wanting a guy mean a city wanted a guy, you are foolish... And Gordon had been in discussions with his agent before it was time to begin to speak with teams and he was told that it was only Detroit that was interested in paying him... No other team was that dumb... If he had value, he wouldn't have signed so quick he would have let teams fight over him... But the Bull's or no one else came calling or showed any interest at all so he signed with that wack city as a last resort...
6. Gordon is a 6th man, so stop calling him a star you idiot... Atleast Kirk is a 6 man that can fill in for both guard spots unlike BG... WOW
7. We got Didly on Detroit you say, I knew your lame arse was a Pistons fan... The season ahead will show you that you are about as smart as those long things I leave in the toilet after a nice meal...
8. Your a lifetime Chicagoan and southsider through thick and thin... What is the south side a team you root for??? How is someone thick and thin about their address??? We're talking sports here you dumb !@#$, How about being a Bull's fan through thick and thin... Or not, cuz we don't need bottom feeders like yourself...



Wow, I'm surprised that the last R&B post was even allowed with all the borderline derogatory name calling. Um guys, we're all obviously very passionate Bulls fans here. Try to keep it clean please?

Red&Black - your posts are immature. All that namecalling for what? Only ONE of us mentioned the Motor City and all of that foolishness. You say you KNOW what the fans in Detroit want. How? There are only two ways to know either you are from Detroit, or you read their sites. You sound psychotic! I KNOW WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!!!

1. YOU SAID the Bulls didnt want Gordon - then contradicted yourself by also saying in the same paragraph that they made him two offers! But thats what children do.

2. You said what Wade wouldn't say on TV - I know what he DID say when asked. YOU KNOW WHAT HE IS THINKING NOW HUH?? There is that psycho stuff again. Just like a petulant child.

3. Rose led the team in turnovers because he messed up - simply as that. He is the starting point guard and they are responsible for the assists AAAAAND turnovers youngster. You don't get to just be the assists leader, you also get to be the turnovers leader. Now who was he throwing all 6 of those assists too????? Leading Scorer perhaps???? Only a child would think otherwise.

4. Child couldnt count to 4 I see. Thats because Ben Gordon led the Bulls in Scoring. Tip your hat and shut up. But kids cant do that. Maybe you had to get your diaper changed.

5. GM represents what city? Now if you speak for all of Detroit that would be a shame. You don't, but you know a little bit too much about what everyone in Detroit thinks. I know you are a poser. Google-ing all day and night! Do some homework and clean up that room!

6. I never called Gordon a star. Go back and read - s l o w e r - this time. YOU the ALMIGHTY Psycho mind reader said only stars average more than 20 a game. Gordon does - but noone else on the Bulls does.

7. When it comes to Basketball a student of the GAME would know what the overall score is. Man for man, Season for Season, Detroit owns us. And I KNOW we are not talking about post MJ. Detroit has been good for the Bulls youngster. They have helped make us every year and now Paxson and company has just reopened the wound.

8. I am proud of Barack Obama and the Southside just like you are proud of Harvey Milk and the Northside where you are from. You despise Detroit so much that you know how they feel right? Those are YOUR words Mr. know it all.

Only a poser from Detroit would know this one:

Your posts are crap like when I cop a squat,
Who told you you could step to the Southsider Mark!
Tried to score on me, so I had to block your shot,
Said you're from the southside but I know you're NOT!
You need to call your moms and tell her to come git-chah
and if he's there tell her to bring your midget pops with-her.
Communicating like you're in the 3rd grade.
Your psychotic posts are full of pinned up rage.
Um a grown man son I'll confuse you
Post you up punk on the block and then school you!

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