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Byars makes the cut

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Derrick Byars will be on the Bulls' roster on opening night and already is drawing an official NBA paycheck. But the 6-7 rookie guard from Vanderbilt isn't celebrating too much, because he knows his stay may be brief.

"They made me aware of the financial situation they have with the luxury tax," he said. "Even though I have the rookie minimum contract as it is, they're not sure how long they want to keep me around. I'm just taking it a day at a time."

Because the Bulls are so close to the luxury-tax threshold, keeping Byars are for the entire would push them over. He certainly won't be around past January when all contracts become guaranteed for the rest of the season, and he might not be around more than a couple a weeks.

For now, Byars is just happy to make it to opening night on Thursday against the San Antonio Spurs.

"I've always wanted to be there," he said. "I've had two go-arounds already where I've been the last cut two days before opening day. So if I'm out there, what better franchise to be suiting up for than the Bulls?"

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Just let the kid stay for gods sake. His minimum salary would barely push the Bulls into the luxury tax and the additional cost would be minimal. If they could afford to grossly overpay Luol Deng then they can afford Byars' salary. Besides, the Bulls are saving money by employing the lowest paid head coach in the league.

I agree with Vic, but for more reasons than that.

This kid is a playa!

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