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Bulls starting lineup

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For their preseason opener tonight against the Indiana Pacers in Conseco Fieldhouse, the Bulls will go with the projected opening-day lineup of Derrick Rose and John Salmons in the backcourt, Luol Deng and Tyrus Thomas at forward and Joakim Noah at center.

The bench, however, won't look the same as Kirk Hinrich (hamstring), Jannero Pargo (wrist) and Brad Miller (grion) won't play because of minor ailments.

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Taj Gibson and Derrick Byars was the entire story. Rose was himself, but he looked really good passing the ball. I did like seeing Tyrus in the starting lineup. He needs to be on the floor with Rose as much as possible.

What's knew - Kirk is hurt. Ding is hurting too. Suckers. Pargo hurt also??? wrist??? Not the prized free agent. Miller is the only one who deserves the time off.

I lived in chicago for 24 yrs from time i was born to 24 yrs old so i am a huge bulls fan..BUT this starting lineup is a joke! Deng should b traded now before teams see what a fragile bust hes really is .Tyrus Thomas is a bust as well, and jokim is a def monster but no offense at all.Salmons is a sixthman at best and Derrick Rose is a THUG at best, with no smarts by the way he sounds and acts...I am very dissappionted.and prob will b all season...I Will Not be going to any games with a roster like this.We are in a ression almost depression and i cant even afford these huge ticket prices in the first place...Bears tickets starting at 85 $ bulls tickets going way up every year how can anyone who makes less that 40 thou a year afford to go see a game anyway? Depressing....

Derrick Rose a thug, Mike? Are you sure you're a Bulls fan by that comment, because like it or not, Rose is the franchise player and the player that they will build around for many years. And who cares how he sounds and acts, he's a basketball player with smarts on the basketball court! Do you even know the guy on a personal level? Probably not. It's comments like that that stir up the unnecessary stereotyping.

And Keith, Miller doesn't "deserve" the time off. They've all been off for almost 4 months now! Now is NOT the time to start acting lazy and out of shape. He just better do his part when the season starts or else more boo birds will continue. As for Deng, I guess the numbers were decent in that Indiana preseason game, but like I said, his overall game hasn't changed at all. Same old Luol Deng with the porous defense (way to go containing Danny Granger), the lack of 3-point shooting range, etc., but hey, at least he showed progress in the 9-9 shooting effort at the free throw line! He showed some toughness drawing the fouls. I guess that's encouraging... or then again, it's only 1 game. Stay tuned on the Luol Deng microscope watch.

Mike in ft. Wayne - maaaan sometimes I feel like I am the only one struggling the way folks keep going up on their prices! See you in the nose bleed sections!

Everyone is too hyped on Rose. He's a good basket ball player but Mike in Ft. Wayne is right. He doesn't seem to have that "IT" that a superstar exhibits. At this moment he's our Luc Skywalker. He'll either be the next Stephon Marbury or the next Tony Parker. I don't see him as the next CP3, but let's hope he's at least the next TP.

I was hoping James Johnson would be the scoring power forward the Bulls need but he's looking more like Tim Thomas, a small forward wanna be in a PF body.

Here's hoping "The Rise of Taj" becomes the pleasant surprise of the season for the Bulls.

YES Edgar i am a bulls fan...i do not like Derrick Rose........Srry it offended u but i just hope he is not a troubled youth like all the rest of the ball players coming out of college...its dissapointing to see all the trouble these guys are getting into and to top it off his grammar stinks and i hate to say it but id rather the kid go back to the college he came from and learn to b punctual at the least player should come out of any sport early.I pay money to see these player on and off the court.i belive thier edjucation should b 1st.i dont want a non intellectual piont gurad... hes leading the team id like jhon stockton but they dont make guys like him anymore...

Ft Wayne Mike, I’m not offended if you dislike Rose. I don’t expect every living NBA fan to kiss up to even the great LeBron James. It was the part calling him a “thug” that I felt was rather disturbing. The kid got caught posing in a photograph with his pals during a party over the Internet and you automatically call him a thug? It was already confirmed that he has never had any gang affiliation whatsoever and he has never been arrested for anything in his entire life, yet you stereotype him this way? And for as big a Bulls fan or NBA fan that you claim to be, that’s awfully hypocritical of you to say that no player should come out of any sport early, yet you’re still a basketball fan because I’ve got news for you, more than half of all the NBA players today are underclassmen who left school early for the draft. And then John Stockton? Let me guess, I take it you’re a big fan of Steve Nash also? Well, none of those guys have won an NBA Championship. In fact, a former underclassman helped lead the Bulls to win 6 titles and when he left college early, I don’t recall him acing essay exams at the time, but hey, he’s a thug also for those controversial Hall of Fame comments! Hmm, Kevin Garnett’s grammar isn’t the greatest either I’m sure and he never went to college. Yep, he’s a thug too I guess. Thank goodness he was never a Bull according to Ft. Wayne Mike. You’re lucky that there aren’t many Bulls posters in here right now because I can certainly see some bloggers accusing you of being that dreaded “r” word, especially in Full Court Press.

And AJ, Derrick Rose as the next "Tony Parker" is not exactly a bad thing for the Bulls. He's won Championships already, CP3 has not. Besides, I don't know how you can tell if Rose has the "it" superstar traits after only his rookie year. The kid had great numbers in his first season and won the NBA rookie of the year award, what more did you want? Wow, tough crowd this season. If there's hype out there saying that Rose is the next Michael Jordan, then I haven't seen it yet in the blogs.

Mike - I liken Rose to Baron Davis if he can develop a shot. I think Hoops IQ is not book smarts. It would surprise you how unintelligent many of them are, black and white. Unless you taught John Stockton or went to school with him you really don't know him or his measure of intelligence. Jordan is not the brightest crayon in the box either but he did pretty good on the hardwood and made the most intelligent coaches to ever coach and play slam their clipboards down on the floor like cavemen. No Geico Commercials for the NBA!

I hope Taj is all that like you guys are saying. I just don't see it yet. Byars was the bright surprise for me so far.

No im not the R word and yes i do like steve nash. and yes i just dont like the way he[rose ] acts.i AM ENTITLED TO MY OWN OPINION.i do not think any athlete in any sport should come out ealrly .It sets a bad example for other players and childeren.I DONT CARE IF LABRON MICHAEL OR KEVIN CAME OUT EARLY THEY SHOULDNT HAVE... and furthermore Rose will not b a baron davis thats for sure i just dont like these goofy players the bulls are picking.noah is ok Rose is a great player ,Deng is a wash tyrus is a wash Im just not buying it....and yes i grew up in the inner city dude..and i know waht a thug sounds and acts like i had to go to school w/ them every day...and jhon stockton in my book is the greatsest PG to ever play the game...

Did I say you weren't entitled to your own opinion? Why are you getting so defensive then if you're not what you say you're not? I pointed out that your comments were hypocritical and the best counter material you can come up with is opinion entitlement and growing up in the inner city? So John Stockton was better than Magic Johnson despite all his Championship rings eh? Oh I get it, it's because Magic also left College early so you don't think he belongs up there either because he was a bad example to other players and children. Hey, like it or not, that's how you made your comments sound like, Mike. Not my fault you can't piece your words together a little better. Sorry "dude", your opinions offer no merit in here. Time to move on.

Edgar - you busted him like a ripe pimple. His last post reeks of "r-ism". Isaiah ATE John Stockton for lunch! I remember it vividly! Remember when Jordan froze Isaiah off the Dream Team and Isaiah took it out on John Stockton! Torched him on national tv for 45 and the game was in the 3rd quarter when the punk Malone cheap shotted Isaiah across the eye! And that is why I was so happy Utah never won NOTHING!!! Stockton got that Dream Team honor because MJ gave it to him!! I will never forget it.

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