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Training camp approaches

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The season is almost here.

The Bulls will kick off training camp with Media Day on Friday, Sept. 25 and their practice will be the following day at 10 a.m. The Bulls will hold two practices each day through Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Their first of eight preseason games is Friday, Oct. 2 at Indiana. After that game, the Bulls travel to London and will face the Utah Jazz there on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

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I think we will be better off without Gordon, did we really wanna pay him 10 mill to be one dimensional at least Hinrich can play defense and his average is 15 gordons was 20 wooooooooo 2 shots.

yeah, and rose will average 6 or more ppg, i promise you that

Everyone seems to forget no one stepped up to carry the scoring load the way Ben Gordon did for the Bulls. He's a fearless scorer and that's exactly what this team needs. Kirk Hinrich is not the answer and neither is Salmons. Either one will fade and disappear when the game gets to physical for them. And for all the talk of Ben as a one dimensional player, this is exactly what I see in Kirk Hinrich, and I'm a fan of Kirk Hinrich! He's clueless when it comes to running the point, he fades or injures himself whenever a more physical player guards him, he's to slow to guard anyone, he has yet to improve his strength or stamina, his jump shot is inconsistent. What he does best is what he has always done, dribble in circles and turn the ball over!

Good luck in Detroit Ben! You will be missed and appreciated in Chicago! As always in the city of Chicago, the appreciation will take place now that you're gone and the team is exposed for what it truly is. A Rose of a point guard, a two with no confidence, a broken down 3, a 4 whom has yet to find himself or his talent, a 5 to old to move, and a bench that can't score or defend. To sum it all up, it will be one long season for a team that can't win if you spotted them 20 points a game, becasue those 20pg are now in Detroit!

This Bulls roster is just awful. Here are the great moves Forman & Paxson made during the offseason:

1) Lose their leading scorer without getting any compensation or bringing in a replacement.

2) Draft two less than mediocre players in the first round instead of packaging the two picks for a higher pick or veteran.

2) Don't even attempt to deal Luol "Marshmallow" Deng or Tyrus "Clueless" Thomas.

The Bulls seem content to sacrifice the 2009 season to sign a free agent in 2010. But the last time they employed such a strategy they ended up with Ron Mercer.

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