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James returns to court, sort of

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After missing virtually all of last season with a ruptured right Achilles, Jerome James has attended all of the team's practices so far. But the 7-1 center, who was acquired in February last season from the New York Knicks, still is a long way from being able to be a factor on the court.

"Obviously, he's a long ways away in terms of his conditioning, but he's working out and he's healthy," coach Vinny Del Negro said. "He hasn't played basketball for a while and that makes it difficult. But he's been doing his work and we'll just try and monitor that as we go along."

James has only played in four games the last two seasons because of injury and the inactivity hasn't been good for his waistline. He probably needs to drop at least 25-30 pounds before he can be a contributor on the practice floor.

But if he stays healthy and gets in condition, perhaps James could be a factor in the second half of the season in practice and as an extra big body off the bench. He certainly will be motivated to show he can play because his contract expires after this season.

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If only he was available last year. Que Sera Sera... Well he can guard Shaq. Going to need all the help we can get in the post this year. Boston, Cleveland and Orlando are thick in the swamp. I hope Gray has taken a step forward also. I thought he was doing well for while.

Gray is ok. He's huge with skills and he's got the big man fundamentals down, but it's the work ethic that kills him. I was hoping he would at least develop into a "Luc Longley" type, but he's nowhere close yet. He is what he is though, so I don't really expect too much from Aaron Gray. As for Jerome James... he's not playing this season. He's just here to collect the paycheck while the Bulls wait to clear up that portion of salary cap space for next season.

Athletic 7 footers are still a rarity in the NBA. If he is motivated, as a contract year player should be, he can contribute to this young club. Noah and Grey, while serviceable, both have work ethic issues and could use a push. Oh where oh where is Michael when we need him?

I admit I thought this post was about Labron!

Even if he doesn't get in a game, at least he can practice and teach the youngsters something. Thank goodness for Brad Miller.

An article on Jerome James. Come on. This turkey was done the minute he signed his last contract and most likely final contract. Might be able to contribute at practice in the 2nd half of the year is hilarious. The Bulls would get more from resigning a retired Robert Parrish or James "Buddha" Edwards than an active Jerome James.

Calvin - just reading those names has brought a tear to my eye. As Edith Bunker sang...."those were the days".

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