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Hinrich sits out practice

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Guard Kirk Hinrich sat out this morning's practice with a sore hamstring, but coach Vinny Del Negro said he isn't concerned.

"Kirk, his hamstring was a little sore and we sat him out, but Kirk's probably the last guy I'm worried about at this time," Del Negro said. "He's in shape; he'll be ready. I just sat him out. We'll see how he is tonight and maybe practice [him] a little bit or sit him out.

"But he's in such good condition and knows exactly what we want to do. We want to get him out there, but he's probably the guy I'm worried about least."

The Bulls have scheduled two practices a day for the first five days of training camp.

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Captain hurt again? Which one, the highest paid one or the 2nd highest paid one? Yeah the 2nd highest paid one. Oh ok. Hamstring is going to be the excuse we use this season??? Ok. And Deng's excuse is going to be "RUST".

"He is in such good condition", but he is HURT? I'm hurt too. But in a different way. Because the guy they let go, was hardly ever hurt. He had muscles bulging like he was the one in shape to me. He looked like Mike and Scottie physically. But I guess the Bulls are going for the smooooooth physique look.

So I see that the Bulls' painful and uneventful offseason is still bugging you over here, eh Keith? Come on, not even a little excited about the beginning of Training Camp?

Edgar, excited is the last word I would use. More like ignited! I will be supporting the team and rooting for most of the players. But I will not be rooting for Deng and Kirk or anyone in management except those under Vinny. I will even be rooting for Pargo. I liked him the last time we had him. Its not his fault. But I stand in defiance of this huge step backwards. I hope um wrong, but doubt it.

And you are right Edgar - I hate these letters below. But I like John Jackson and Hanley and they are on my topic, so I posted here. Stu isn't ready to talk winter sports yet until baseball is over. I didn't want to impose.

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