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Bulls not interested in Arroyo

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If you thought the Bulls signing Carlos Arroyo didn't make sense, you're not alone. The Bulls agree with you.

A Bulls source said Tuesday that there was "no truth at all" to a report in a Puerto Rican newspaper over the weekend that the veteran point guard was close to signing a one year, $1 million contract with the Bulls.

The Bulls are deep at the position with Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich, Lindsay Hunter and Jannero Pargo capable of playing there.

There is a feeling that the report came from the agent for Arroyo as a way to drum up interest for his client.

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It makes a lot of sense. Arroyo had a spectacular year abroad. He's no Chris Paul, but he's a bargain for the league minimum. Lindsey Hunter will barely play and is staying on more as a coach/mentor for Rose. Jannero Pargo is not a point guard. Signing Arroyo allows them to trade Kirk, who could start on half the teams in the league and is a valuable bargaining chip. They could be paying his millions to someone whose scoring can offset Ben's departure, or (gasp) someone who has size and/or can score down low.

What's the deal with this flood of reports that the Bulls are already four deep at the position?

The Bulls threw their general manager under the bus alloweing him to publiclly state his top priority was to sign Gordon when Paxon and Rheinsdorf later said that was never an option. So we have a 20 pt players lost to us, a young one at that, with no compensation at all. I wrote to Paxon but got no answer. They have been hiding ever since and you notice the sports writers have let this pass without comment. I guess they are hiding too, or maybe they were offered free tickets for their families to keep quiet.

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