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D-Wade purchase no sign of the future

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Dwyane Wade buys a new home in Chicago. Normally, there'd be nothing remotely newsworthy about that except maybe a small item in a gossip column or the real estate section.

But because Wade can opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat next summer and become an unrestricted free agent, news of Wade's purchase - a $1.4 million riverfront townhouse in downtown - has created quite a stir on the Internet.

Does that mean D-Wade is planning to leave the Heat and join the Bulls (who will be big spenders on the free-agent market) next season?

Does it at least make the possibility more probable?

The answer to both questions is an emphatic "no."

Sadly, this is what passes for news in the Internet age. Wade is a native of the Chicago area and always has spent a good deal of the offseason in Chicago. He's recently divorced and there's nothing unusual about him buying a home.

There's been speculation that spending so much money may be a sign that this is more than just a second home, but Wade will make nearly $16 million this season. Believe me, he can afford to spend $1.4 million for a second home.

And besides, Wade isn't the first NBA player who plays elsewhere to buy a home in the Kinzie Park development. Shawn Marion, a former teammate of Wade, has owned a townhouse there for over a year.

The development is attractive to athletes who aren't home frequently because it is gated and there's constant security patrols.

I've never thought that signing with the Bulls was a good fit for Wade or the Bulls. Sure, he grew up idolizing Michael Jordan and the Bulls, but those days have long since passed. Wade's made a name for himself in Miami and the weather during the season is much more appealing in South Florida.

For the Bulls, they certainly could use Wade, but would be better off spending their money on a big man.

Besides, if Wade was making a real estate purchase based on his interest in joining the Bulls next season, he'd probably have bought something in the North Shore closer to the Bulls' Deerfield training facility.

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