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Utah matches Portland offer sheet for Milsap, Bulls back in trade talks?

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The Utah Jazz have decided to match the four-year, $32 million offer sheet given to forward Paul Millsap by the Portland Trail Blazers last week, according to
The Jazz will still trade Carlos Boozer to get rid of his $12.7 million salary and get under the $69.9 million luxury tax limit. The Jazz are currently at approximately $81 million in salary commitments.
Bet on the Jazz trying to get the Bulls interested in trading for Boozer. Portland, which has $7.7 million in salary cap room now that they have lost Milsap, has shown interest in Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich. A three-team deal with the Bulls, Portland, and Utah--which included Hinrich, Boozer, and Tyrus Thomas--was discussed among the teams last week.

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The Bulls would be fools to let Hinrich get away.

im tired of hearing about it already, i wanna see results!!!

if we get boozer we wont have to pay him after end of season and will still have lotsa money come 2010 free agentcy......but i will miss Hinrich and they will certainly miss his defense.they dont have any other gaurds that even play a wink of defense!!!

Why would they take on such a large contract when they are supposed to be making sure they have enough room for the best free agent crop in history this next offseason.

Actually this may be a good move. His contract expires after this season so technically they could use him this year. If they get a huge free agent like Lebron then they don't need to resign him. However if a free agent doesnt' work out they could concentrate on resigning Boozer. Win/Win.

I don't understand why the bulls would give up two healthy competent players for a guy who was hurt and has one yr left on his contract. I can see trading Thomas for Boozer straight up, but who would be left on the bulls to play defense. That's at least a fair deal for a team trying to get rid of a contract. Would Tyrus want to backup Millsap? Don't think so. What would Portland give up that the bulls would want besides Brandon Roy? Just doesn't make much sense.

Too bad Hinrich has to be on the block he's a decent piece a swing man who can play both guard positions and a slightly above average perimeter defender. But Thomas has to go let him find himself somewhere else. It would be stupid to give Portland another piece to their puzzle when we already gave them Aldridge in a really dumb deal. Too bad we are still stuck with an overpaid Deng. With all the forwards drafted are we trying to corner the market on skinny power forwards after having the market on tweener guards. I don't get what the Bulls are doing it seems to have no direction no emphasis on any one thing, no identity.

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