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Reports: Heat's on Boozer

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The buzz out of the Las Vegas summer league is the Miami Heat have interest in trading for Utah forward Carlos Boozer and signing free agent Lamar Odom.
Multiple reports have the Heat trying to work a three-team trade, utilizing Memphis and its salary-cap room, to land Boozer.
The Bulls showed some interest in Boozer last week.
Miami president Pat Riley apparently is looking to add both Boozer and Odom in order to keep Dwyane Wade, who has balked at signing a contract extension until the team adds some more star power to contend in the East.
The Heat reportedly have offered Odom a five-year, $34 million contract.
As for Boozer, the Heat reportedly would send forward Udonis Haslem and Dorell Wright to Utah. The Jazz would then ship Wright and his $2.8 million salary to the Grizzlies and save itself approximately $5.6 million with salary and luxury-tax payments. Memphis would also probably get cash and draft picks.
Boozer's agent has been telling teams it will cost $14 million per season to sign Boozer to a contract extension. That, among other things, has the Bulls interest waning in Boozer, who has one year left on his Jazz contract worth $12.7 million.
The Jazz have told Boozer he will be traded. Utah needs to dump his salary in order to afford Paul Milsap. The Jazz has until Friday to match the $32 million offer sheet Portland tendered Milsap, a restricted free agent. That offer sheet is said to pay Milsap more than $10 million within weeks of it being finalized.
Should the Miami deal fail to land Boozer, the Jazz may take another run at trying to get the Bulls interested.

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Gar-Pax asleep at the wheel once again. Pretty sad that these chumps stand on the sideline while other teams actually make moves.

I welcome this trade with open arms. I am an avid Jazz fan and have been since I was in grade school (32 years old now). Boozer doesn't get injured...he STAYS injured. That is the problem. He nurses every injury. He WILL NOT this year as his next contract will be the one that ensures he will always have the best looking suit on the bench and never work a day in his is worth the risk for one year.

miami, JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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