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Strange things, indeed

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The Bulls are known for their anything-goes workouts of draft prospects, and not just with the physical play on the court. Arizona guard/forward Chase Budinger, who was held out of the physical play due to an ankle injury, said the Bulls psychological testing was also much different than others he has undergone.
``They had a very interesting psychological test,'' Budinger said. ``They had a guy who you were playing with blocks, You were drawing pictures, memorizing things. I thought it was a pretty cool process.''
Budinger, who will reschedule a workout with the Bulls, said he has heard many different questions while being interviewed by NBA teams. One of the strangest was when one team asked if he had a girlfriend. When he said, ``No,'' the follow-up was whether he had any "friends with benefits."
``That was kind of a whacky question,'' Budinger said.
Asked how he responded, Budinger said, "No comment."
``They just try to get in your mind and throw you off,'' Budinger said of such questions. ``I felt pretty confident in myself that I was on track the whole time.''

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