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Garnett won't play in Game 7

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Forget about Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett playing in Game 7. That was never anything more than a media creation for folks looking for a story line. Garnett is hurt. He needs surgery on his injured right knee. If he were able to play, he'd already be playing.

Celtics vice president Danny Ainge shot down the Garnett speculation this morning, saying definitively that Garnett is out for the playoffs.

All the talk about Garnett possibly playing should stop. There's plenty of drama with this Bulls-Celtics series, so there's no need to manufacture more.

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Celtics will win. The game is in boston and the bulls are only scraping by because garnett is hurt. Celtics are a better team hands down.

If he is 100% done for the playoffs then why hasn't surgery been scheduled yet?

Good question, what's the hold up on his surgery? Is he planning on retiring....

No surgery yet because Garnett was hoping he might be able to play at some point in the playoffs (maybe in the eastern finals). I think Garnett wants to play but Doc and Ainge aren't letting him play.

Even though he can't play he still wants to stay by his team and having surgery would mean he can't do that. Surgery will come when the season is over.

The Celtics can pretend they are a good basketball team, but no matter what I still believe the Bulls are the best in my world. Kevin Garnett is a very good player but Hinrick will let everyone know he is here to stay. Not to mention, Ben Gordon he is a very good 3 point shooter.If he shoots he will score. The Bulls went to Boston with their A game, they were not able to finish what they started, but as a true fan I am proud they made it to the play-offs.

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