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Ray Allen clanks for the last time--misses from corner--and Bulls steal Game 1, 105-103. Rose, phenomenal, finishes 36 points and 11 assists. 36, Kareem had same total in his playoff debut.

See you Monday for Game 2.

Pierce loses ball on drive and Eddie Rush blows call; gives ball back to Celts with 3.7 sec left.

Rose fouls out. Bad coaching. Foul to give but he's the LAST guy who should do it. Score one for Doc Rivers who attacked Rose with 10.3 seconds left.

TT misses 16-foot j on base line. Guess he pressed his luck. Boston grabs rebound and takes time. 11.6 seconds left. Crunch time as Bulls nurse two-point lead.

Only 63 seconds left after Boston time out. Bulls inbound to Rose in front of Celts' bench. Tyrus buries jumper just inside three-point arc. Wow! Three TT jumpers (8-of-11 from field) are going to key this OT win? Boston misses on other end and Celts foul with 32.6 seconds left. Bulls to inbound.

Perkins rolls in hook. Tied at 101. TT knocks down another j and Bulls back up two. Pierce j over Rose, tied again. Bulls three-seconds on next possession. Kidding right? Three seconds in OT. Joke!

Uh, oh! Rose picks up fifth foul with 2:48 left. TT doesn't do Rose any favors on D-team. Boston does, though, with another turnover.

Cool Salmons makes J, Bulls up 101-99, three to go.

Baby Davis too easy on roll to hoop. BG miss. Celts courtesy TO on ensuing break by Allen, who has been awful. Tyrus j on other end. Back tied, 99-99, 3:53 left.

No Noah! No. Hacks Pierce on double-team of Pierce with 2.6 seconds left. Pierce to line and Bulls without time outs. Shame on Vinny! Got to be better with time managemetnt. Pierce, good and NO GOOD! Do you believe in miracles?

Ref Eddie Rush overturns Salvatore's travel call on Salmons. Celts did touch ball after he picked up dribble. Rondo gifts Bulls with foul on Rose with 9.4 seconds left. Rose, after being poked in eye, buries both FT. Nothing but net. Bulls up, 97-96. Rondo limps to bench after rolling ankle defending Rose. Rondo still in after time out.

Rondo rebounds Allen miss and hits jump-hook over Noah. Help!! Celts up 96-95 with 22.1 seconds left.

Rose blows by Pierce and Pierce GT gives Rose his 34th point and Bulls, 95-94, lead with 31.1 seconds left.Rookie Rose is having historical playoff debut.

Rose misses lay up. Noah misses follow tip. Hinrich fouls Pierce who waits for contact before missing corner j. Pierce to line, good and good. Boston up, 94-93, with 37.4 seconds left. Time out. Maybe Vinny's Dad has a play to run.

BG has 12 of his 20 in fourth. Money.

BG big-time j Bulls up 93-90, Rose foul on other end. 68 seconds left.

Noah grabs his 15th rebound off Davis missed FT. BG and-one coming on Allen brush foul. Good. Bulls, 89-88. 1:45 left. Hinrich huge steal of Pierce while Boston's best man calling play. TT finishes with lane floater. Bulls up three.

Vinny's Dad now taunting refs. If he gets a T, heads should roll. Bleeping joke, he said of foul call. Bleeping joke is right. Take your seat.

Vinny's Dad now on bench. Come on. Back to stands Pop. This ain't Little League.

Hey, look! A BG three. First FG since 1st quarter for Bulls leading scorer. Boston back with three straight hoops and lead 85-84 after Pierce FB lay in off Bulls TO. 3:25 left. Strap it down, Hawk! Call your sons. Call your daughters for STRETCH!

Miller and Noah getting def. rebounds which KG would own. Noah gets cheap foul. Bulls still up, 81-79. Five minutes left.

Powe hammers Joakim on drive. Refs talk flagrant but decide no. Border line but these are the playoffs.

Rose and-one--great base line fade shot--give Bulls 80-77 lead. Rondo coming back next whistle.

Bodies now falling like Bruins and Hawks are playing. This stretch run won't be for squeamish. 75-75 with 8:43 left.

Hinrich now defending Pierce, who has six inches on Kirk. Good luck!

Rose in traffic makes floater. Maybe he can do it alone. Allen misses other end, 1-of-9. Bulls clinging to 1-point lead. Pierce coming back with 10:26 left.

Pierce starts fourth on bench. Time to take advantage, Bulls.

Rose is unbelievable; 25 points, perfect from line. But Boston ends third on 12-4 run and up, 70-69, after three. Both teams looked like they were in the final mile of the Boston marathon in final few minutes of third.
Time for Ben Gordon to get going on O. Rose can't do it alone.

Salmons misses his last two shots. Baby Davis takes KG baby j and Bulls commit 13th turnover. Going to need to value ball better and get Salmons--no 38 vs. Celts today--going or this could get ugly.

Rondo three just gives Boston 68-67 lead but Tyrus little j, gives Bulls one-point edge. Rose seems to have shaken off bad leg.

Stop the presses!!! Rose gimpy after banging knees with Allen. Still in game but favoring right leg.

Hey, look! Ben Gordon got a call. Heading to line after time out, trying to increase 67-60 lead midway through the third.

Tyrus to Salmons on break after TT def. rebound. Bulls keeping pace with suddenly running Celts.

Allen still missing open looks. BTW, Kevin Garnett's presence on bench lasted all of one half. KG back in locker room watching game on TV. He didn't sit on bench during any of the 22 games he missed in regular season due to sprained right knee.
Pierce again from three but Rose (who's a rookie?) keeping Bulls in front with his 21 points and seven assists. Bulls up, 63-58.

Pierce for three. Uh, oh!

Second half underway.
Rose scores first. Pierce beats three Bulls for Boston's first hoop. Celts get out on break. Tyrus Thomas forced to foul Glenn Davis, who sinks two free throws. Boston banging boards.

Celtics completely out of sync on offense. Eight turnovers, including on inbound play with 5.1 seconds left in half. Kirk Hinrich's hand bats ball. Brad Miller takes gift open follow to beat buzzer after BG gets fouled--again no call--on j. Refs looking at replay to see if clock stopped before Miller's hoop. Bulls up 53-44 if no change.

Grab some lunch. This is getting interesting.

During time out with 1:08 left in the first half, Vinny preaches ball movement; ``Swing the pass! Don't catch it and then throw!''

Joakim just blocked Perkins. Noah doing well with 10 points and eight rebounds. Looks like he owns the paint so far. Imagine if Noah can keep this going.

Pierce and Allen MIA on offense, a combined 2-of-10. Not exactly Bulls `D' doing it, but they'll take the gift.

Rose beats 24-sec clock with top of key j, heads-up play to give Bulls an eight-point lead, game's largest.

Celts 0-for-5 on threes. Boston best three-point shooting team in league. Still, better not keep playing with fire and giving Pierce such open looks beyond the arc.

Welcome back Tyrus, whose slam off steal on break puts Bulls up 42-38 midway through second.

Salmons sinks second hoop after struggling. Maybe getting loose.

Kirk Hinrich buries an open corner three on his first shot. Misses a step-back j. Tim Thomas misses an open three. Rose finally takes ball to hoop. Bulls better not start settling for perimeter shots. Attack!!!

Leon Powe has abused Tim Thomas twice on offense. Tyrus Thomas may need to get back in, foul-trouble or no.

Tim Thomas starts quarter and buries an open three. Gordon hammered on break drive, no call. Welcome to the physicality of playoff hoops.

Miller finally hits an open j (1-for-4) to start second-quarter scoring.

Derrick Rose ends first quarter looking like playoff vet--nine points and four assists. Rajon Rondo also keeps this match up in spot light with 12 points. Bulls end first 12 minutes on 7-2 run and game is 28-28. Bulls hanging tough.

Pierce will sit for final two minutes as Celtics go small. 8-0 run for Boston, Celts lead 24-19. Bulls on pace for 24 turnovers. Recipe for disaster.

During time out, Vinny preaches better defense and double-team on Pierce and Ray Allen.

Looks like Celtics are starting to get interested in playing some `D' after both teams have early shooting success. Bulls best match that intensity on defense. BTW, Brad maybe you shouldn't keep taking that 18-footer, open or not.

Weak-side help on defense. Hello? Any more hoops like Perkins open gimme and the Bulls will be in serious trouble.

Salmons gets on board with drive to hoop and Rose follows with a fast break which sends him to line. Bulls need to keep pushing pace.

Salmons 0-for-3, including second air ball. Boston breaks back for two quick hoops. Rondo blows by Miller. Trouble brewing as Celts grab first lead, 12-11, with 5:56 left in first.

Tyrus Thomas takes a seat after picking up his second foul with 6:56 left in the first. Cheap foul which sends Paul Pierce to the line for two, good-good, 11-8 Bulls. Miller in for Thomas.

Derrick Rose can't rush an off-balance shot instead of being patient when the Bulls have to play a half-court game on such possessions.

Noah block of Rondo portends good things.

Paul Pierce can't be left open off a screen for such easy looks. His hoop pulls Celtics to within, 7-6.

John Salmons' airs his first shot, a base line open look. Could mean he's on his way to a third sub par shooting game due to the groin injury. Bulls lead 5-4.

That's the running game the Bulls must dictate to have a chance.

Joakim Noah slams home a Derrick Rose alley-oop pass on Bulls first possession, a fast-break opportunity set up by good defense. Bulls up 2-0.

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wow what a game by Derrick Rose take that for everyone who picked Boston to win I think Bulls in 6

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