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Deng out again

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Luol Deng won't play again tonight when the Bulls host the Golden State Warriors at the United Center, but that is only part of the story.

After seeking a second opinion from a doctor outside of the organization, Deng underwent another MRI and a CT scan Wednesday morning and the tests were reviewed by Bulls physician Brian Cole.

About 45 minutes before game time, the Bulls release a vague statement updating Deng's status. According to the release, the tests on his right leg "indicate that this represents an early anterior tibia stress fracture." But the statement also went on to say, "All of the information to date points to some mild inflammation along his tibia, with a small irregularity within the cortical bone, with no obvious break in the inner or outer layer of bone."

It's tough to make sense of the medical jargon in the release, but the final two sentences of the two-paragraph statement make it clear that the Bulls' medical staff believes this is something that Deng can play through and that it shouldn't keep him sidelined for long.

"He will be encouraged to challenge himself physically, and if symptoms remain minimal, he will be allowed an expeditious return to play," the statement said. "These decisions will be made on a day-to-day basis."

Deng was injured Saturday night in a game against Houston. The Bulls feared he had a potentially season-ending stress fracture, but after an MRI on Sunday he was diagnosed with a contusion of the tibia.

Deng tested the leg before Tuesday's game in Charlotte and said, "Just pushing off on it I was feeling pain."

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1 Comment

Yes.....Deng out again.

Have the Bulls ever had a more fickle man of glass in the history of the team ?

For 71 million, between the fragile psychology of this player to his numerous physical dings and inability to perform or produce consistently at level worthy of such contracts, it's evident the Bull's are not getting return on investment with Luol. It makes giving him up for Kobe a year ago a major faux pas in judgment on Pax's part.

Gordon's another one: Wow - lay all the value & praise on a streak shooter, whose one dimensional value is exposed on his inability to handle the ball, penetrate, go to the basket or shut down the opposition defensively. He makes more turnovers than pepperidge farm.

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