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Obama to attend Bulls game tonight

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If I had any lingering doubt that President Obama would attend tonight's Bulls game in Washington, it was quickly eliminated when I tried to enter the Verizon Center for the Bulls' morning shootaround.

Normally, I just breeze into the building for a shootaround by showing my media pass to the one or two guards working roughly eight hours before game time. Friday at the Verizon Center, a team of about 20 police officers and at least two bomb sniffing dogs already were in place at the building's loading dock entrance.

I had to go through a metal detector and an officer opened my bag, looked through everything and even opened my laptop. It was roughly the same security procedure I went through on Thursday to enter the White House. The security to enter the Verizon Center right before a game isn't usually that tight, let alone a morning shootaround.

Just to make it official, A Wizards official confirmed once I entered the building that Obama would attend the game.

One more thing: In a shameless attempt to get myself invited to the White House, Obama should have members of the Bulls traveling media back for pickup games, not the players. The media members are closer to his age and he stands a good chance of beating us.

Just a thought, Mr. President.

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