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Bulls to inactivate Hughes starting today, trade still in works

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The Bulls will put Larry Hughes on the inactive list beginning with the game tonight at Houston. The Bulls have been trying to trade Hughes, who has not played over the last 10 games, since Kirk Hinrich returned to the lineup Jan. 14. Hughes has said he would welcome a trade. His current contract runs through next season. He makes $12.8 million this season and $13.65 million next season. Players can be moved on and off the inactive list on a game-to-game basis. But barring injury, it is unlikely Hughes would be activated before the Feb. 19 trade deadline, if at all this season.

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As much as I'd like to trade Hughes, his contract expires next year (which makes him sorta worth keeping in order to free up cap room for the 2010 mega FA class).

How about a trade with Orlando (who needs a PG with Jameer hurt). Bulls send Hinrich for Bogans (contract expires this year) and Turkoglou (contract expires next year)?

This would clear $2.9M in cap space for 2009, $9M for 2010 and $8M for 2011.

Keep Hughes, for the contract relief and his length. Trade Ty Thomas, Ben Gordon, and Drew Gooden to the Suns for Stoudamire. Trade Deng to Portland who loves him for Rudy Fernandez, Nic Batum, and Joel Pryzbilla.

Stoudamire, Noah and Pryzbilla bigs, Nocioni, Fernandez (next Ginobilli), Batum, Thabo, and Hughes (12mil in 2010 off the books) on the wings, and Derrick and Kirk running the PG. But Pax to in love with his drafted players, to put a team that fits around Rose.

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