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Humble Rose won't agree with coach's declaration

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Coach Vinny Del Negro said on Monday that the race for the NBA's Rookie of the Year award is over, but Derrick Rose -- Del Negro's runaway choice -- doesn't agree.

"I wouldn't say that," Rose said. "There are still a lot of good rookies out there. I just to win the award for winning games [by a rookie]."

When asked if the season would be a success if he was named Rookie of the Year and the Bulls missed the playoffs, Rose said: "Not really. I couldn't care less about that award. I just want to make the playoffs."

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Those are very revealing statements made by both. A coach who should not be overconfident or brash, especially about something that does not help the team. You can support the player without dissing the others. But Vinny, keep these statements in perspective of team goals. Never make a comment about a player without emphasizing how that fits into the TEAM. i.e. "I hope Derrick wins that honor, but I am concerned about him gelling with his teammates right night". "He's a fine young man, and I wish him well on the court and off the court".

A player who is focussed on the game and team instead of personal accolades. Maybe Vinny should be listening to Derrick.

I am so glad that Rose was the choice versus Beasley. Last year all the talk was that Beasley was this superior offensive monster. Oh how Derrick has proven that he has a all-around great character to go with his all-around game. I am cautioned to not elevate him too quickly but all signs point to him being a great player for years to come.

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