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Hinrich, Deng, Sefolosha return tonight

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Kirk Hinrich is set to play tonight for the first time since thumb suregry Nov. 11, when the Bulls host the Portland Trailblazers. Hinrich said Saturday he expected to return Thursday, when the Bulls host the Cleveland Cavaliers. Luol Deng, out eight games with a sprained left ankle, is also expected back. Thabo Sefolosha, who miss the loss to Oklahoma City Saturday due to the flu, will also return.

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It does not matter who returns for this team since it is not a good team. Your best player is a rookie who has to learn from a core of selfish teammates. I believe we can all agree that this team is not going to contend for anything meaningful. It is said to admit, but it is true. Paxson has shown himself not to be a good evaluator of talent. He overvalued his players and now is stuck with most of them. If you look at Nocioni, Hinrich, Deng, and Gordon, none of them are stars. Yet, they get paid like it. No one would have given Deng $70 million dollars. Pax should have let Nocioni go to Memphis a few years ago.

I am just saddened about what has occurred to my favorite team. Pax did a good job in cleaning up Krause's mess, but he has failed in the last two years. The Portland Team shows you what a good GM can do. The player we clamor for (low post scorer) is playing for Portland (Aldridge). We drafted the guy and shipped him to Portland for Tyrus Thomas (insert joke here).

I think we all can agree that they is no light at the end of the tunnel for this team for quite some time. Too bad.

It dosent matter who comes back thier gonna loose!Ive been a bulls fan since orlando woolridge and this team is horrible .No leadership,on Del Negro's part and the players.Get rid of jokim noah,luol deng,and thabo.Trade them all and keep the new kid and gordon,and hinrich and tyrus.This team needs an over haul at coach and player levels.I cannot believe riensdork made a newbe our coach. hes a cheap owner ...sign some real players and a real proven coach and get back to me in two yrs!!!!The bulls are really pathetic!!

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