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Gordon miffed over being fined, confronts Del Negro

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Minutes after coach Vinny Del Negro told media to ask his players if they respect him, Ben Gordon was seen by some of the same media confronting Del Negro and using expletives toward the coach in a Berto Center hallway. Gordon was upset at being fined for breaking a team rule. ``I respect Vinny, everybody respects Vinny,'' Gordon said, declining to go into detail. ``This is not a `respect' issue. It's a non-issue.'' Del Negro declined to comment through a team spokesman.

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Its been 10 years since the Jordan era ended in the great city of Chicago and if you were to take a step back and realize what those teams in the 90s accomplished you would be perfectly fine with going through a rebuilding period. However, this rebuilding period has been going on for over a decade and frankly its getting old. The Chicago bulls were lucky enough in this past year to acquire the number 1 pick in the NBA draft lottery with a 1.7 percent chance of being the top team selected. Now if that’s not defying the odds then I don’t know what is. With the first pick in the 2008 NBA draft the Chicago bulls selected Derrick Rose from the university of Memphis and also from the city of Chicago. A savior, someone who could finally put the bulls back on the map. However all this did was hide an under achieving roster full of players whom John Paxson drafted because of their winning college back rounds.
The reason why the bulls were even in position to land the top pick in the NBA draft was because of years of incompetency from our general manager John Paxson. After looking back on what he’s done as a gm its embarrassing. His highest achievement is a first round win over an aging Miami heat team and a banged up Dwayne Wade. I will give the bulls credit they did play the pistons tough in the next round but that was more about the team reflecting the bull dog like approach of former head coach Scott Skiles. That was the highest level this bulls team played and it still wasn’t close to good enough. Skiles has a reputation for having under achieving teams play hard but his drill sergant mentality usually begins to weigh on the players and they begin to tune him out. The following offseason the bulls went out and acquired former defensive player of the year Ben Wallace and suddenly became the sexy pick to come out of the eastern conference. They added a big man that was the exact opposite of what they really needed. They needed a low post scorer. Someone who could draw a double team and kick it out to their abundance of shooters. They got an under sized center who was completely anemic offensively and gave the bulls one less scoring option on the floor. This is when things began to go south on the Chicago bulls and general manager John Paxson.
The problem with John Paxson is he fell in love with his draft picks because of their winning college back rounds. And he began to make it seem as if his players were untouchable. Although I don’t think the Chicago bulls were ever going to trade for Kobe Bryant because the Lakers simply would never have done it. I do think there were other trades out there to be made whether it was for Kevin Garnett or Pau Gasol something I’m sure could’ve been done. In the past 6 years the bulls have had 6 top ten picks and not one of them has ever made the All Star team. In the 2003 draft John Paxson probably made his biggest mistake by trading big man Lamarcus Aldridge. The bulls had been looking for a low post scorer someone who could draw double teams and play with their back to the basket and they finally got their man. I guess he wasn’t good enough though because they traded him within 20 minutes of drafting him for the athletic power forward Tyrus Thomas out of LSU. Who honestly know one knew who he was until the sweet sixteen of the 06 college basketball tournament. I would honestly say that right there should have been the last move made by general manager John Paxson.
I can’t figure out why John Paxson is still in control of this ship. If Derrick Rose wasn’t on this roster the bulls would be one of the worst teams in the entire NBA. That is the team John Paxson put together every last one of them. We were lucky enough to get Derrick Rose because of how bad of a job our GM has done these past 6 years. My question is why is he still steering this ship? It is time to say goodbye to Pax and to thank him for being so bad as a GM that we were lucky enough to be blessed with a Rose.

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