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Duhon rates Obama's game

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Former Bull Chris Duhon knows Reggie Love, Barack Obama's personal assistant, from their days together at Duke. Duhon, obviously, was a basketball player, while Love played on the football team. Because of his connection to Love, it's not surprising that Duhon came across the new president on the basketball court.

"We played a couple times," Duhon said. "A lot of times when they were in Chicago, Sunday was usually their day off. Reggie usually stayed at my house and I usually got up and played with them."

So what's Obama's best move? "I don't think he has a best move," Duhon said.

Turning serious, Duhon had this to say about Love working so closely with the man sworn in as the 44th president of the United States on Tuesday: "I'm very proud of him. I mean, he's been through a lot, a lot of adversity. For him to be in the position he's in, I'm very excited and happy for him."

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Duhon just doesn't have the political touch! Now see if he gets invited to play in Washington!

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