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Time to bring the donuts

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After he spent a few minutes following Monday's practice session raving about Derrick Rose, Ben Gordon was asked if the rookie had been performing any of the hazing tasks that veterans demand of newcomers.

"Just donuts," Gordon said. "He brings the donuts every morning."

At that point, someone asked if Rose brought Dunkin' Donuts to the team.

"I have no comment on that," Gordon said.

The questioner didn't realize it, but the Dunkin' Donuts comment brought back all sorts of bad memories for Gordon. Last year, then-rookie Joakim Noah brought in Dunkin' Donuts one morning instead of the preferred Krispy Kreme donuts and was given all sorts of grief by the veterans.

At one point, Gordon said in front of reporters, "We don't do Dunkin' around here."

One problem: Dunkin' Donuts is a major Bulls sponsor. Not surprisingly, two weeks later Gordon was serving donuts and coffee at a Dunkin' Donuts franchise near the team's training facility to make amends.

He wasn't going to make the same mistake again this year, so there were no specifics on the brand of donuts Rose buys.

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