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Rose seventh among conference guards in all-star votes

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Bulls rookie Derrick Rose trails six guards in all-star voting results, the second round, released by the league Thursday:
Dwyane Wade (Mia) 1,229,858; Allen Iverson (Det) 858,469; Vince Carter (NJ) 600,087; Ray Allen (Bos) 354,642; Devin Harris (NJ) 267,504; Gilbert Arenas (Wash) 205,223; Derrick Rose (Chi) 203,687; Luke Ridnour (Mil) 197,933; Jose Calderon (Tor) 193,715; Jameer Nelson (Orl) 174,081; Joe Johnson (Atl) 162,772.
Paper ballots can be cast through Jan. 11. Votes at can be cast through Jan. 19.

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The basketball and hip-hop culture fusion born in 1984 is known now as The "Dunkadelic-Era" In America, 1984-Present. The "Dunkadelic-Era" will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary during the year 2009 (1984-2009). The "Dunkadelic-Era" is the first and only sport-and-music defined time period in American history. The 5 following events in 1984 led to the birth of The "Dunkadelic-Era".

1. The NBA first introduced the Slam Dunk Contest to All-Star Weekend on January 28, 1984. Larry Nance defeated Dr. J to win the Slam Dunk Championship.

2. David Stern was announced as the 4th NBA Commisioner on February 1, 1984.

3. Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons formed Def Jam Records in March 1984. Def Jam remains the #1 hip-hop label in the industry. Kurtis Blow the hip-hop pioneer releases the hit rap song 'Basketball' from the Ego Trip album.

4. The Fresh Fest was the first major hip-hop concert tour featuring Kurtis Blow, RUN-DMC, Whodini, Newcleus, and the Fat Boys. The tour had 27 stops earning more than 3.5 million dollars.

5. Michael Jordan was selected by the Chicago Bulls with 3rd pick of the 1984 NBA Draft on June 19, 1984. Jordan would sign with Nike and produce the "Air Jordan" sneakers that would later become symbols of fashion within the hip-hop culture.

Bonus Events:

John Thompson the Hall-of-Fame coach would become the first African-American Division 1 college basketball coach to win an NCAA Championship. He led the Georgetown Hoyas with star center Patrick Ewing over the Houston Cougars 84-75 on April 2, 1984.

NBA current stars Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Andre Iguodala, LeBron James, Nate Robinson, Brandon Roy, and Deron Williams were all born in 1984. Carmelo is the new-face of the Jordan Brand, and LeBron wears the #23 just as Jordan. Andre Iguodala the hi-flyin' forward of the Philadelphia 76ers was born the same day of the first NBA Slam Dunk Contest January 28, 1984

Derrick Rose will be an All-Star next year just like all the other star players who personify the basketball and hip-hop culture fusion (The "Dunkadelic-Era") born in 1984.The Bulls selected Michael Jordan in 1984 and Michael laid down the path for the current NBA players who have a hip-hop swagger to go along with superstar stautus. Rose was born October 4, 1988 he shares the same birth day as hip-hop mogul and godfather Russell Simmons.

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