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No Mutombo moments for Gordon

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Ben Gordon didn't do the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag after either of his two shot blocks Saturday in a win over the New Jersey Nets.
``Just because they were on jump shots,'' said Gordon, who did do Mutombo's signature signal after a block of a lay up last week. ``I'm only going to do the Dikembe if I really send it out of there. Jump shots, that's nothing to brag about.''

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Simply put, there is no other Bull capable of averaging 20 ppg. If it had been Gordon instead of Kirk going down for 4 months, the Bulls would have one of the worst records in the NBA.

As I predicted & Roman is reluctant to admit, Ben Gordon has become more active in defending shots this year. That's mainly because he has more energy with Rose doing most of the ball handling.

The truth is, Bulls fans are lucky Gordon is not a "good" defensive player. If he were, he would not be a Bull right now. A trade would have been struck & the Bulls would have been on the short end of that stick. Bulls fans are lucky to have a SG they count on nearly every night. Unlike Deng, he's not injury prone.

Bulls fans are also luckly that Rose has made just about every Bull look better. Paxson now has multiple trade possibilities.

I hope he sends Deng packing. The Bulls are very weak at the PF & C positions. They are strong at G & SF. Gooden is outplaying Deng at SF & outplaying Thomas at PF. If Paxson can unload Deng for a decent C the Bulls can make the playoffs.

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