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Gooden out, Thomas likely to miss game at Detroit

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Drew Gooden and Tyrus Thomas sat out practice Monday. Thomas did some shooting but was still suffering some symptoms from his concussion. A decision to play Thomas Tuesday against the Pistons will be made after the team's morning shootaround at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Gooden stll has swelling in his sprained right and is not expected to be back for at least another week.

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So with Gooden out and Thomas out, can we look at Krstic from the Nets, for Gorden (now that Hinrich is on his way back)?

If da Bulls can continue to play well without Gooden or Thomas, they should start to seriously consider trading one or both forwards for a quality athletic center. I loved how the team played in the first half of the Celtics game and against the Jazz with the small lineup. It's not really a classic small package because of the length and size Deng and Sefolosha bring to their positions. Both players are excellent rebounders for a SG & SF so it's not as much of a problem hitting the glass. I think VDN should play Rose with Thabo more frequently and that will enable the Simeon product to focus on offense a little more. Sefolosha is a great defender and can guard the PG, SG or SF with tenacity. The team seems to be coming together without Drew and Tyrus, and that's a teriffic sign.

I do not watch the bulls anymore and will not watch them until every player who quit on scott skiles is gone,That means everyone but rose.Any player who does what they did to force the firing of a coach is not a player I would want on a team.While they are at it dump Paxson for allowing this to happen,I liked Paxson as a player and thought he would be great as a GM He started off well until he let the players start running the asylum.What have the bulls become the NY Knicks of the midwest.I stuck with the bulls from their beginningto the winning years to the losing years until the players quit.That is when I quit on the bulls CLEAN HOUSE GET RID OF DEAD WEIGHT THAT MEANS EVERYONE EXCEPT ROSE

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