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Deng sprains ankle, could be out a while

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The last thing the Bulls need right now is another serious injury, but it appears that's precisely what happened Friday night during a 90-77 loss to the Miami Heat.

Luol Deng suffered a sprained left ankle early in the third quarter and did not return. He left American Airlines Arena on crutches and definitely won't play Saturday night in Atlanta. He said afterward the injury was severe and he could be sidelined for two weeks.

Drew Gooden is already out with a sprained right ankle and Kirk Hinrich, of course, has been sidelined since November with a torn thumb ligament.

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So what !!! Does Deng being out of the lineup mean anything at all? Of course not. He'll do on the bench about what he does in the games anyway. A NBDL player would be no difference, if they have to go that route. You see it in baseball players mostly, where a player regresses to the point they become useless. It's usually a mental thing, but whatever it is, they end up being just empty space, and that's the direction Luol Deng has been heading for almost two years now. Fortunately for him, he managed to sucker Reinsdorf into setting him and his next three generations up for life first, but i really imagine we won't be seeing very much of Deng much longer. His injuries are more in his head, than they are his body, but either way he's just a waste of salary cap space that will keep the Bulls in lottery picks for years to come.

But you suckers keep selling out the U.C. as Reinsdorf needs the money to ruin this franchise further and further. Personally they'll never get another dime of my money, and i'm very proud of saying that.

Deng has regressed the past two years and I blame it on the coaching staff that has not been able to develop our young players. It's disgusting to see the dysfunctional Knicks organization, after they traded their best shooting guard and their best power foward while benching their starting point guard and starting Center and have literally started over, actually have a record close to the Bulls, who have the same core players in Deng, Noce, Kirk, Thomas, Gordon, Thabo and now Noah, Gray playing together for three years (some longer except for Noah and Gray). All a player has to do is complain and they magically get more playing time (see Hughes). Once players leave the Bulls they go and shine elsewhere (Miller, Artest, Brand, Chandler, Crawford) so we are clearly doing something wrong in developing the young talent. If we have all these "assets" then move some of them to get better players but continuing to play with these guys will only translate into a mediocre team, lucky to get to .500. We still don't have a fixed starting rotation despite being 40% into the season. Gray starts for four-five games then plays less than 5 minutes in the next few. Noah starts but then plays less than 15 minutes in the games in starts! Reserves usually play more minutes than starters and Thomas is scared of making mistakes since he gets benched. I am DISGUSTED!

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