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Noah waits for opportunity

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Wednesday's shootaround in preparation for tonight's game with the Cleveland Cavaliers lasted more than an hour. Coach Vinny Del Negro said he will go with the same starting lineup, Derrick Rose and Thabo Sefolosha at guard, Luol Deng and Tyrus Thomas at forward and Drew Gooden at center.

While the starting lineup remains the same, backup big man Joakim Noah is hoping to get more time on the court tonight. In the previous two games, Noah has played a total of 12 minutes.

"It's hurts," he said. "I want to play, of course. I think everybody that doesn't play a lot of minutes wants to play, but I'm trying to stay positive. Barack Obama was elected yesterday. It's a beautiful day.

"I want to play and it's always hard to sit. I just have to stay positive and I know my time will come."

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What going on with this guy. I wonder if the Bulls are still punishing him over his incident this summer with da ganja. I mean if Vinny wants to run so bad, Joakim Noah presents that option at C much more than Aaron Gray or Drew Gooden. I'm sure some of him not playing also has to do with spending time on the sideline during the preseason for his eye injury. My how fast the mighty Joakim has fallen.....

the bulls need to start noah. he plays hard and with heart every game. he does need to work on his offense, but they need to get rid of gooden and maybe ship nocioni out and work on their younger players. the bulls could be a great team in a couple years, but they need to give a center a chance. del negro needs to give noah the opportunity to have minutes and show him what he can do.

He will, just is going to have to work for it harder and then when he gets that shot, in the next couple weeks won't loaf 20% of the time. Coach is doing his thing, no free ride. Big improvement with the coaching cartel. Need Gooden and Hughes, have somebody at least near thirty years old with experience, solid maturity on and off the court, both are good for the youngsters. Otherwise these guys will get crushed. Rose and Hughes maybe as good as Arenas and Hughes, damn preseason was looking good. Would like an old back up true center though, Dikembie?

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