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Memories of bad ol' days

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If you went to bed early Wednesday night and didn't catch the Bulls game at Portland, consider yourself lucky. It was a stinker with a capital P U.

The 116-74 final was the Bulls' worst loss since Mar. 28, 2003 when they suffered a 140-89 loss at Indiana. That team, coached by Bill Cartwright, won 30 games that season.

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This is what happens when you start Hughes. D'Antoni was smart in sitting down Marbury, and the Bulls should do the same with Hughes -- forget the big salary. It would be better to give Sefalosha more playing time while Deng is out.

No sense in even writing really. Paxson somehow expects this team to be good without trading Gordon and Thomas. They refuse to play team defense, pass the ball, play within themselves or develop over the summer. This has been going for several YEARS. Do you think Skiles left because they supported Gordon and Thomas over him? I can take Noah, Gray, Rose, even Deng learning because they are young, it does take time and none are over 23. We need real beef up front, people who will mix it up under the basket not gazelles. I see Noah under the basket every play, where is the help? Watch Milwaukee under the basket...... Let's hope we don't ruin Rose before Hinrich gets back.

What a train wreck in the Bulls. With the exception of the sex scandals, this team reminds me a lot of the Knicks from last year. Vinny Del Negro just seems to have no clue whats-so-ever, and Bickerstaff and Harris just tends to look at him during the games like,"I told you so". Last nights performance was more comedic than the clowns coming to the UC.

John Reinsdorf...I mean Paxson, really dropped the ball on hiring a coach this past summer. What the heck were they thinking? Why not grab an assistant coach from a team like San Antonio, or a team like Detroit with proven track records versus hiring a guy that have no coaching experience at all?

The only thing Del negro will challenge anyone for this year is coach/manager with the best hair in the city of Chicago, and I think Ozzie has that title sewn up for the next few years.

And to all of you IDIOTS that stated a year ago that Kobe Bryant was not worth all the players that the Lakers were asking for in a trade with the Bulls; and that Luol Deng would be a great player, you were correct in one thing. In order to validate such a trade Chicago would have to have throw-in; in addition to Deng, Wrigley Field, 'The Taste of Chicago', and possiblly Cheryl Burton to make it an even trade.

Luol Deng is a good solid third option at best. We have not had an all-star in Chicago since the Dynasty years. Back the truck up, and start unloading some of these salaries to hopefully join the Lebron sweepstakes in 2 years. And yes if a trade option came up that would involve Rose for lets say Lebron or Kobe...Go for it.

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