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Circus trip begins

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The Bulls' annual mid-November extended road trip is called the circus trip because the circus takes over the United Center for two weeks. But it could just as well be called the circus trip because of the way the Bulls have performed on it the last decade.

In regards to wins and losses, they've basically been a band of traveling clowns.

This year's trip kicks off tonight in Los Angeles with a date against the Lakers.

"Playing on the road is always tough in the NBA, especially in the Western Conference," guard Ben Gordon said. "The Western Conference is usually top-to-bottom stronger than the Eastern Conference, so you're playing against a lot of good teams.
"I think the road trip is a great time for teams to bond and find their indentity. You can learn a lot from this road trip."

Coach Vinny Del Negro will go with the same starting lineup he used in Saturday night's win over Indiana, with Gordon and Derrick Rose in the backcourt, Luol Deng and Drew Gooden at forward and Joakim Noah at center.

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Dont we have a better center to start at Center than Noah? Dude has no coordination at all. Gray should start....the Bulls will struggle on this roads trip

I am really excited for this game tonight for a few different reasons:
1. Can't wait to see Rose go against Kobe for the 1st time. Should be very exciting to watch and is clearly a great challenge for the rookie.
2. The entire Bulls team can use this game as a barometer to see where they are at this point in the season. They have been playing well lately and I hope that continues. A victory tonight would be a huge boost of confidence for the rest of the vaunted trip.
3. Last but not least, I have a reason to stay up late and drink some beers on a work night!!! Wooohoooo!!!

We need to make some changes to our team quick. Loul Deng has been a huge disappointment and will never be a leader on this team. I think our moveable pieces are Deng, Hinrich, Noah and/or Thomas. We could get a very talented player(s)...Someone like a Caron Butler and a force inside like maybe Emeka Okafor...


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