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Bulls: Hinrich has successful surgery

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Kirk Hinrich underwent surgery Tuesday to repair a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right thumb. Dr. John Fernandez and Dr. Mark Cohen of Rush University Medical Center performed the surgery which was deemed a success. Hinrich is still expected to miss up to 12 weeks while recovering.

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Now everyone can watch Ben Gordon and really see how unprepared he is to play defense. He will continually post a negative number for more points allowed than scored when he is on the floor. Let's not even talk about Tyrus Thomas, another "I don't get it" player who thinks the highlight reel is all that matters. Reminds me of Wilkens and Carter, "All About Me."

I really think that gordon is not playing like a team player when he 's on the court with rose he would'nt let rose take command of our team. For us to win games we all have to play together. Ben is playing for a sign an trade deal. We can get something for him. why in the hell would John sign another guard for? my starting 5. D.Rose, L.Hughes,L.Deng,J.Noah,D.Gooden.They should play at least 35min a game everbody else is tradable. thank u beat the Pacers

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