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Thabo and the starting five

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Vinny Del Negro announced his starting five: Derrick Rose and Thabo Sefolosha in the backcourt; Luol Deng and Tyrus Thomas at forwards and Drew Gooden in the middle.

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Right now is logical in the backcourt. With Larry Hughes out a few weeks and Ben Gordon not 100%. Thabo will only be a temporary starter though. Gooden at Center? He's better at PF and Aaron Gray should be at Center. I don't know. This team has so many questions that I don't even know where to start.

I think this team gives us the best option to win. I love the idea of going with Thabo. He's a talented player that we need to develop now and not behind a glut of guards who won't be with team for long haul. I'm still not sold on Tyrus but you can't deny his talent either. I'm exited as a fan and for the future of this team.

I really like this starting five. First of all, it's the correct decision going with Rose as the no. 1 PG. He will have some rookie moments obviously, but he will exploit teams with slower back courts. He also has the best handles on the team and should create numerous opportunities for Deng, Thomas and Gooden to get easy baskets. They got to be ready for the ball. Having Thabo at the 2-guard is the correct move as well. He is the tallest guard we got not to mention the best defender. He can concentrate on stopping the opposing teams best player most nights, which is his strong suit. Deng is a no-brainer at the three spot as long as he plays up to his potential. However, if he struggles early in games Noc is waiting in the wings and will play hard. I think Tyrus Thomas and Gooden are poised for breakout years. Neither one will scare you from the perimeter, but they are good rebounders and should get plenty of chances for easy buckets because of Rose. If Gooden establishes a consistent 18-foot jumpshot, he will be that much better. I am looking forward to the game tonight and think the Bulls will play well.

I think if Skiles was there he probably wouldn't have Thomas out there because of his (Skiles) stubborness but this lineup looks good to me.Henrich and Gordon coming off the bench looks like a winner. I'm just wondering how effective Rose will be in the defnesive schemes

I think that line will work for now( as long as thabo can hit from the perimeter). But Aaron Gray is a servicable option at center and I think he can get the job done give or take a few silly fouls.

Where is the perimeter shooting going to come from? Gooden in the middle? Is Noah still not in BBALL shape? Did anyone here Del Negro basically put the season in the trash can yesterday on the radio?

I think Noah should start at center with Gray backing him up. gooden should be the backup PF.

The Bulls bench would be one that could actually be some team's starting lineup.

I project 39-43 wins.

why does nobody give noah any credit? i thought deserved a lot more consideration to start than anyone seems to be giving him. he had a solid year and will be able to get a few good looks from rose's penetration. he, like rose, will do whatever it takes to win. plus he's a nice guy who bought my friend a few beers and hung out with him on his 21st birthday over the summer

A starting lineup of Rose, Thabo, Deng, Thomas, Gooden tells us what we all know: the Bulls don't have a starting center.

Neither Gray nor Noah are starters. They don't have a strong enough inside game to qualify as starters.

Thabo makes sense with Gordon on the way out & Capt Kirk being shopped around. Gordon's better off the bench because it conserves his energy. If this team heads towards the break with Gordon as it's leading scorer Paxson was a bonehead locking up Deng.

Now that we have Derrick Rose a potential all-star point gaurd we HAVE TO TRADE BEN GORDON OR KIRK H.One of them gotta go.we need other things a good trade might get us!Id rather keep Kirk because of his defense and shooting but lets look for a team that needs a pure shooter and trade for a good draft pick or a good low post scorer!!!

They should hold off trading Kirk or Gordon until we have an idea of how durable Rose is. Right now he remind me of Grant Hill & I'm knocking on wood Rose can stay healthy.

In the best case scenario though, I'd rather have Gordon than Kirk. Thabo's a large ? mark as a starter & Gordon's the best shot on the team.

How many true low post scorers are out there? Al Harrington is the best option right now. He wants out of Golden State and Golden State needs a veteran PG.

Hinrich for Harrington maybe?

Gordon is the one that should stay, we need shooters. The only other deep threat from 3pt range is Noc...and he's not that great at them.

capt kirk is about the worst gaurd the bulls ever had.he should have left with big ben no shooting wallace.

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