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Hughes optimistic shoulder injury is not serious

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Larry Hughes hopes he will be back playing well before the six to eight week prognosis originally given after he dislocated is right shoulder in a win Wednesday at Minnesota. Hughes, who was wearing a sling, said he was surprised how little pain he felt Thursday. He is expected to undergo a second MRI Friday in which dye will be injected into the injured shoulder for further examination.
``I should know more after that test,'' he said.
Ben Gordon remained out with a sore left big toe. Coach Vinny Del Negro said he was unsure whether Gordon, who has not played in a week, would be available when the Bulls host the Milwaukee Bucks tonight in the final preseason game.

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too bad I was hoping for at least a season ender, maybe even a contract ender. The best result for the Bulls and the fans would be to get Hughes declared medically unable to play ever again like Darious Miles so we could just send him home and let him collect the rest of his useless contract from an insurance company. Out of sight out of mind.

Hopefully by the time that he does come back Rose will be so entrenched as the starter and our best player, and Thabo will be starting at 2 guard after Hinrich fails miserably, so that he will play 8-12 minutes per night as Roses back up, and Gordon will be entrenched as the sixth man, so there won't be any room for Hughes to mess up the rotation

Larry is a fighter and class act on and off the court, give him a chance Chicago, give him some cheers and he will go crazy for you and the Bulls when he gets on that court for the first game. Just cause he is quiet, don't think he will not be back strong! Once he gets his 35 min several games a week, gets his shot, he will be your star, hang in there Chicago, we are pulling for you down here in St. Louis, your are team! Larry is going to pull you up this year!!!!

Funny how fans think they (the fan) pay the contracts to the players that the GM offers? By your post, you are not even catching to many games on T.V. or seen Hughes game. Get off the contract, learn the game LittleWay. Hughes takes 6-8 points off the other teams score every game he hits 26 plus minutes. Hey Big A, it's full court! Hughes didn't get a pass for nearly three years in Cleveland and had to play the point guard, for Eric Snow averaged less than 1 pt per game at 7 mil a year? Never been a three point shooter, but when the king wants him out there three feet beyond the arc standing still, so when he's stuck with 4 seconds on the shot clock, ya, Larry has to launch a 25 footer, yet still cranked the same 3pt average as James. You do this with a slasher with speed? WHEW. Number one in the NBA in steals? Basketball is like Church BIgWay, many attend, few understand. Let him at 29 and 10 years in the league teach your youngsters how to be a pro, on and off the court. You need a foundation and leader on the court, Hughes is the man for that job. Hughes and Arenas was like Jordan and Pippen, but Gilbert likes to win and pass, Lebron is worried about his stats. Lets see, it took Cleveland 40 years to get back to the finals (only with Hughes playing out of position and the point), lets see what they do now with Wallace (what you gave up). Won't see the finals again and Lebron will go for $$$$ and split that town after one more year, even go to Europe as he stated while representing our country in the Olympics (show that patriotism Lebron, got your Mom that new Hummer while in high school) , if they paid him 50 million a year.
Give the guy one season, rookie rose is not going to do it, if so, tell me when it ever happened in the NBA at that position? Nope. You got very green Centers, you need stability, a ton of work ethic, class, and basic defense skills. If those competencies cost you 15 mil, so be it, but you have to start building this team for the future and Hughes was a great choice. Your coaching staff now knows it, now your going to see it this year. Oh ya, wait till Larry shows what an true player does for a community, then write your trash. That money will help Chicago in many ways off the court also.

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