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Gordon, contract status still on hold

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Ben Gordon remained unsigned Wednesday, so he sat out for a third practice. Gordon, a restricted free agent, has until the league deadline of 11 p.m. tonight to sign the team's one-year qualifying offer of $6.4 million. Gordon has been monitoring the team's two-a-day sessions from the sideline.
General manager John Paxson and Gordon's agent, Raymond Brothers, have been negotiating again since Monday. But a long-term deal, and indications are one is not currently on the table, remains a long shot as the two sides have been at an impasse for a year.

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I think this has been drawn out to the point where indecision is doing more harm than any decision. What I mean is that, whether Gordon signs the qualifying offer, or he takes the 6 yr deal, either situation would benefit the Chicago Bulls.

Hopefully this all can be resolved sooner than later, as the team does not need any distractions going into the season (like they did last yr).

The bulls should stop being so cheap. thats why we cant have a solis team. we draft great but as soon as that rookie contract expires we cheap out and let them go. we dont want gordon to be on the long list of all stars we have let slip away such as Elton Brand, Ron Artest, Brad Miller, Eddy Curry,and Tyson Chandler. We finally have a good team with a balance of veterans and young players. this is something we should keep and work with instead of trying to just get the instant cheap championship contenders

The Bulls are so cheap. We are taking one step forward and two steps back everytime this happens. We draft great players, barely develop them, and as soon as they're showing some potential we cheap out because the rookie contract is expired. The Bulls will never be serious Championship contenders if we keep this up. Give Ben Gordon his money and keep this team together because they definetly have potential.

Don't, and I repeat don't give Gordon a large multi-year contract. He is a one dimension player. He cannot drible or get his teammates the ball, defend or rebound. He couldn't even score last year when the game was on the line. All teams had to do was stick a big guard on him at the end of the game and he couldn't get a good shot off. His game has definitely gone in reverse since his rookier year.

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