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D-Wade says Gordon should pass on Europe

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Carol Slezak caught up with Dwyane Wade recently, and here's what Wade said about Ben Gordon.

"He's in a tough situation. Ben is a very good player. He's taken a lot of knocks from people saying he's not tall enough or he doesn't play good defense. But scoring-wise he's one of the best in the game.

"I think a player like him just has to understand that you have to do what you feel is right. Whatever you feel in your heart, you've got to go with it. You can't do nothing that you don't want to do, because you're not going to give it your all. So he wants to make [Chicago] his home, do it. If not, wait it out.

"I don't think he should go to Europe. I don't think he's at the Europe stage. He's just such a good player. There are a lot of teams in the states that would love to have him. I just think he needs to be patient. But he could hop and go for it, and continue to start a trend that's happening over there.

"His game is what his game is. Ben will score. He's a great offensive scorer, a great catch-and-shoot player. That's not going to change. As long as there's a basketball and a rim, he's going to be able to do the same thing.

"I just think you have to look at it as what do you want to do. A lot of people want to stay home. It's interesting when something new comes up -- and right now Europe is new, who knows whether it's going to get big or quiet down-- I just don't see him going over there now. But you never know."

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It’s funny reading D-Wade say nice things about Ben Gordon, but then he never actually campaigns for him to sign with the Miami Heat. Now of course I don’t exactly know the Heat’s salary cap situation today, but if a star player really wants his team to sign someone, it’ll get done somehow.

Anyway, it’s always been about the money for Little Ben. He’s not a “Chicago” guy and he has already turned down 2 contract offers from the Bulls because he feels that he is worth more and that’s the problem, he thinks he’s better than he really is and his stubbornness is willing to take it right down to Training Camp where this could potentially be a distraction for a team trying to rebuild with a brand new coaching staff. I’ll give him a little credit for trying to keep this all low key from the media, but sooner or later, this soap opera will emerge again and this will become a distraction on the team until he makes up his mind and move on to Europe or take the 1-year offer on the table. There’s no way Ben will sit out an entire season without a paycheck, but his stubborn posturing is going to alienate fans and team management, if it hasn’t already.

The Bulls already overpaid Luol Deng this offseason (in my opinion) and the writing on the wall should have already been clear from there. I don’t know who Ben Gordon’s agent is, but whoever he is, Ben doesn’t appear to be listening to advice from anyone because he clearly has no leverage at all. My prediction: Ben Gordon will eventually sign the 1-year tender offer with the Bulls because I think that is the best offer he will get from anyone this year, but if a European team steps up and offers him a long-term contract, I wouldn’t be surprised if he bolts to Europe which is actually his real “home” since he was born and raised in London.

I honestly think that Ben Gordon should stay with the Bulls. He is an excellent player with a lot of potential that can help Chicago get where they need to be, the playoffs. At times he may be inconsistent, but when he is having a good night the team usually wins. Some people seem to think that the team acquiring Derrick Rose is going to be the answer to the Bulls prayers. Not! Although Rose is an outstanding player he is not what the Bulls need right now, that being a player with true star potential. John Paxson just does not seem to see the star power in Micheal Beasley, who in my opinion is the true number one overall draft pick. I mean really, the team already has so many guards that have a lot of potential, why add another. I believe that Ben Gordon would have gotten along just fine with Micheal Beasley, not to mention the team would actually have a fighting chance in the continuously more competitive playoffs. In the end I do not think that Gordon is going anywhere. He is going to stay in Chicago and ride it out until the team begins to progress more and he gets the acknowledgement he so sorely deserves

I have the solution for the Bulls.

The base is $58M/6yr. Lil Ben wants 78M/6yr.

The Bulls need to structure some $18M in optional deferred bonus $ to be paid in a payout schedule after the contract is terminated.

Let's say Ben's play 2008-2009 kicks in the option. The Bulls would then exercise their option to pay the extra $3M or decline it. If they decline it, Ben would have the option to opt of his contract & become a UFA.

The deal gives Paxson the flexibility he needs to manage the cap & trade a good Ben year to a playoff contender before the deadline. Ben's never going to just walk away with the Bulls getting nothing in return in this deal.

if the bulls overpaid for deng, i wonder what you call what they did with hinrich. now that is downright disgusting. pay a mediocre at best, i don't know what type of game he plays, someone please tell me what he's good at, pathetic excuse for an nba player, eleven million per year. and then tell deng and gordon that they have to accept lower contracts, now that is downright disgraceful!!! no one in this entire world can argue that hinrich should have a bigger contract per year than either of those guys. if a person even attempt to justify it, they are nuts. and paxson ought to be ashamed of himself for attempting to perpetrate this fraud! what does he think? all bulls fans are stupid? only a select few. paxson, please get a clue!

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