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By Brian Hanley
Ben Gordon believes he and the Bulls are about to part ways.
"Right now, honestly, it doesn't look like it," Gordon told the Hartford Courant about returning to the Bulls for a fifth season. ``I think a decision is going to be made soon. I've had a great time [with the Bulls]. I was fortunate enough to play on a team that made the playoffs. I led the team in scoring three of the four seasons I've been here. It's been a good experience, but we haven't been able to come to any common ground. It's just part of the business. You have to do what you have to do sometimes."
Gordon, who the Bulls drafted third in 2004, is now a restricted free agent. He and the team have failed to reach an agreement on a contract extension since negotiations started last summer. Gordon turned down a five-year, $50 million offer from the Bulls last October. The team is believed to have now offered six years and approximately $60 million and do not want to go any higher because then they would be subject to the NBA's luxury tax, a dollar-for-dollar penalty when the payroll exceeds the tax threshold of $71.15 million.
Messages left for both Gordon and general manager John Paxson were not immediately returned.
Gordon's comments to the Courant came while he was home to promote his charity weekend in Mount Vernon, N.Y.
Since Gordon is a restricted free agent, the Bulls could match any offer from another team. The only team with significant salary cap room is the Memphis Grizzlies and they reportedly tendered a $58-million offer sheet Thursday to Atlanta's Josh Smith.
Gordon, as a restricted free agent, would have to agree to any sign-and-trade deal. He could also sign the team's $6.4 million qualifying offer, play out this season, and become an unrestricted free agent next summer free to sign with any team.

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Let your best scorer walk and hold on to scrubs like Hinrick. Makes perfect sense 4 a LOSING NBA team.

Have the Bulls addressed their low post scoring problems this off season? Exactly what does John Paxson do 2 earn his salary?

Looks like ANOTHER losing season 4 the Bulls and the Bears.

I like Ben Gordon but he is not a superstar or an all-star or a maximum salary type player. He is the Bulls top scorer only because they are a team without a superstar and he shoots alot.
I respect the Bulls decision to draw the line and if they must trade him so be it. Meanwhile, no team is in position to offer him nearly as much money and none would if they could.

So long, Ben.

Keep looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you are worth a heck of a lot more than the Bulls were offering.

Brian, this is nothing new. Gordon is between a rock & hard place. His options are very limited:

1) Sign the $6.4M QO & thereby increase his trade value for the Bulls.

2) Accept the Bulls $60M/6 yr deal.

3) Get his agent to rope in another team willing to offer more than $60M/6 in a sign & trade. It's not going to happen with the Bulls reluctant to take on big salaries.

4) Get a European team to offer him a big signing bonus so he can buy out his rights from the Bulls.

Time's running out for all 4.

If the Bulls really want him, maybe they can structure a contract similar to what JR did with Thomas. Each yr enabled either side to buy it out & part ways. Each yr enabled the Sox to keep Thomas on with a decent raise. Such a deal gives Gordon the same flexibility as the QO but with more pay & more security. It gives the Bulls time to manage their salary cap & assess Gordon's worth with Rose.

He didn't help much defensively, plus he wasn't consistent with his scoring either. If we can get a post-game with a trade, LETS DEAL HIM!!

I believe Gordon is really making a big mistake in not accepting the Bulls offer. $60m is a lot of money for a 6th man. Unfortunately Gordon will not accept the fact that he will not be a starter in this league, especially on the Bulls. Who wants to pay a maximum salary for a 6'2" shooting guard? He is a defensive liability and doesn't have the ball handling ability or court vision to be a point guard. He does have the ability to score in bunches and his jump shot is as good as any in the game. However his deficiencies on defense and his size limitation will regulate him to the bench on any decent NBA team. If he accepts the Bulls qualifying offer and becomes an unrestricted free agent next year, I can't see any team offering more than $8m a season. Do your family and yourself a big favor Ben, and take the money.

This guy just amazes me.He's a OK shooter, not great but can score some points at times.Seems to have extreme up and down scoring, not very consistent.The one thing that he always manages to get done every game is that he plays zero defense.So he scores 35 points and gives up 35 points.I can't believe that his agent didn't jump on the 5 year deal.How much do they think a no defense player is worth?Hey, I wish him the best of luck, but it's no big deal to replace a guy that just scores points.As many points as Michael Jordan scored, his defense was great.He made guys work for their bucket and I can still see him poking the ball away from a attacking player. Matter of fact this will go for Scotty Pippin also. Sorry Ben, go to some team who will over pay for you and cut you in 2 or 3 years because they want to win.

The clueless trainee Paxson overpaid Capt Klank Hind-lich who is not
a NBA quality starter and now he can't pay Gordon.

Klank Hind-lich is a circle dribbling, clock eating offense killer. Klank can't beat any one off the dribble and he is afraid to drive the lane! Klank dumps the ball off with 3 second to go and expects Gordon to score with two defenders on him!

The Bulls should bench or trade Klank who is a career inconsisent shooter!

Paxson is clueless! Vinnie BOOM-BATZ is the head coach and this is a cruel joke on the fans!

I just don't understand what Paxson is doing or should I say not doing. I myself just can't wait tell the Blackhawks season starts and that should say it all about how I feel about the Chicago Bulls.

get rid of the bum, 2 small, 2 streaky, get a low post scorer or a legit 2.

The last article written on the Bulls was over a month ago. What is going on with them? Is Gordon going to be on the team even though he doesn't want to be? Have they totally accepted the team they finished with last year? It's hard to believe that nothing has been reported about what they are or aren't doing?

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